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Gran To Angels Speaks Out Part One April 21, 2008

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I would like to give Grans To Angels a chance to explain why she choose to leave KK. She could of just left and maybe no one would of noticed. But Gran felt so worried about some issues at KK that she decided to handle things in a different way.
I have spoken to Gran often on the phone over the past months. I have NEVER heard her say a ill word about anyone. In fact when I got banned from KK she was so upset about the way it was handled she stopped posting.
Last night Gran wanted to reach out to KK ladies to help. What many of you know is yes Gran lost over 100 pounds while at KK. But at the same time many may not know that Gran has lost almost all of her hair and even worse….she is facing major surgery this week. A condition brought on by the KK diet. Muscle loss could end up causing Gran perm ant damage or even worse. I have asked Gran if it was okay to post this personal information. She said if it would help save one person from KK she wanted to share the details.
Kimmer I have one question for you. You so jumped in to take credit for Grans 100 pound weight loss. So tell me Heidi…are you also going to take credit for her hair lose? And so much more important….her life threatening medical condition?
You know Heidi..I have always thought you lucked out by not causing someone serious or life threatening illness or worse…luck may be catching up with you. you are not going to die..I am trying to make a point.

Re:GRAN TO ANGELS 3 Minutes ago posted by Kimmer

Ordinarily I don’t comment about the disgruntled members, but it makes you shake your head to think that Gran to Angels lost over 100 pounds with Kimkins.

This was posted at Kimkins a few minutes ago……yes I lost 100 pounds…I also lost ¾ of my hair and so much muscle loss that I’m facing surgery….I see a specialist tomorrow. This will be a lasting problem….a big problem! Could I have lost my hair on any program? Sure! Could I have lost muscle on any other program….I don’t think so! Hair loss, muscle loss, heart problems…..none of this was disclosed to me…..when people tried to warn me months ago before they left the site…I decided not to listen….did they know what they were talking about…..oh yes they did!!! I wish with all my heart that I had listened.

I’m not “disgruntled”….I’m falling apart!

I posted at KK tonight…..I had help….lots of help. There were many there trying to reach out, trying to save even just one person. That was my goal….could I just sit by and let others go through what I’m going through? NO! My post was just information…no pics…no mean words… helpers have a lot to say….more info than I know…so I asked for help….I got it!!! I feel supported…..they said what I could not…now…the rest is up to you….will you stay, risk hair loss, muscle loss, loss of self respect for blindly following such a cruel person? I stayed in my own little challenges and convinced myself it was ok until AmyB and 1slick chick were banned….banned for what? What did they do??? Nothing! They were banned simply because Heidi can! It was not right and I did not post at KK after they were banned….I would not let Heidi see my name and think that what she does is ok….it’s so not ok!

Thank you Amy for letting me tell my story…..I pray for a happy ending and I pray that others will find the strength to move on and get healthy….before it’s too late.

Gran to Angels


14 Responses to “Gran To Angels Speaks Out Part One”

  1. BamaGal Says:

    Gran it was a honor and privilege to lend you a helping hand.

    When I was approached by Amy all she asked was could I help. I didn’t need to know anything else. Someone had a message to spread. That’s all any of the people asked to help needed to know.

    I didn’t even know your name until last night. didn’t know your story until reading it here.

    I wish you the best getting your health back. My thoughts are with you.

    I hope some listen to you and follow you away from Kimkins.

  2. want2bskinny Says:

    Amy, Thank you so much for allowing the ex-members of KK to voice their concerns here. You are truly a compassionate person and are to be commended for your continued efforts at “flower picking”. ((hugs))

  3. 1slickchick Says:

    Gran is an amazing woman. Her willingness to stick out her neck for the sake of trying to save at least one KK soul – is wonderful. I pray what happened last night on KK (and thank you AmyB for blogging about it and Gran for writing about it) will touch many people. Just one soul is great, however, the more the merrier.

    I do fear that it will be like the feeling I have when someone asks me what weight loss program am I on – and they need to be on one too, but until they are ready to hear it and ACT ON IT- then it won’t matter. Many of those that heard about last night on KK (or through here or other avenues) will do 1 of 4 things:
    1. Lash out as some have done in their follow on postings
    2. Ignore it because they are not ready to hear it
    3. Start looking around for something else and maybe find a new LC home, but still stay at KK
    4. Start looking around for something else, find a new LC home and leave KK

    I so pray that all will choose #4 – and please know those of you still at KK – that there are many avenues for support and please know that many that post positive comments here in Amy’s blog (me included) are more than happy to help support you… All you have to do is ask…

  4. jazzygirl Says:

    Just wondering how long it took Gran to lose her 100 lbs, and if she followed the advice given on the site to take a multi vit daily and additional suppliments as needed, and if she was seen by a physician on regular basis while losing such a large amount of wt?
    And what type of heart problems is she having, and how long has she had these problems.
    As a Kimkins member, I think you want me to know…so I am asking?

  5. 2big4mysize Says:

    Grans thank you for trying to reachout to your fellow kimpire members. Hopefully the words they saw watered the seeds of doubt that have been planted over the past yr through all the information now availible to KK folk. I pray your health can be restored and the kimkins nutrtionally bankrupt diet damage done to you repaired.

    JazzyGirl tha multiVP and additional supplements advice is new. Could you check the poster and shoiw us the topic and post? it was not there on kimkins.con last yr for members to see and follow. It was not there even after the first deposition in Nov 2007. I had discussions on my blog with TippyToes who was PR director at the time about needed supplement info not being given on the Kimkins.comboard.
    Nor was there advice to even visit your doctor nor the TOS not responsible for medical advice wording there before talk of the lawsuit last summer

  6. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amy, thank you for helping grantoangels try to reach current KK’s members. Also, thank you grantoangels for wanting to help. I’m really sorry for the problems you are having. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    2big, I’m glad you answered JazzyGirl. She can either choose to believe you and do some more investigating or she can stay in the KK’s “bubble.”

  7. katinsac Says:

    gran…you did the right thing, if you can even help just one person over there see the light, you done good! prayers for your quick recovery

  8. magicsmom Says:

    I’ve been gone from KK for a long time. She banned me for no reason the first week in October, 2007 and I had not posted for nearly a year prior to that. So keep in mind that I am used to seeing the original version of KK.

    In none of her time at LCF or my time at KK did I ever see Heidi advise people to take anything other than a “Centrum-type multivitamin”. This is a very well documented fact. She never advised people to take biotin to avoid hair problems. But I did see plenty of times that she advised people to take laxatives on a regular basis. Never did I see her tell people to see their doctor before starting a diet program.

    MANY times I saw her post about the physical advantages of fasting. MANY times I saw her advise people to cut their calories to keep losing weight at a rate she thought was acceptable, even though their caloric intake was already less than 1000 calories a day. Do keep in mind this is not the revised, cover-her-ass, politically correct version she spouts out now. It took people getting sick for her to change her tune, and even then she only did it to avoid culpability. It took a lawsuit. She only changed her tune when it suited her. The woman is beyond pathetic.

  9. jazzygirl Says:

    2big4mysize, I started in june of 07 and was told about the multi vitamins and to have regular visits with my dr from day 1. No I wont cut and paste posts like others have done, but I know you have access to the site. But I did miss Gran’s posts as it was deleted before I saw it, but would like to know specifics, as to when and what her symptoms were and esp the heart issues.

  10. mayberryfan Says:


    You are in my prayers and it was my honor to help you. That’s what I’m all about – trying to help others, not harm them. I feel sorry for the people who are still there because they are so brainwashed by Kimmer that they cannot see clearly. I know, I did Kimkins for 3 months, but when I almost had a car wreck because I was so dizzy from eating just 500-600 calories per day with my sweet 10-yr old niece in the car on the way to piano lessons, I WOKE UP. Bless you for trying to help others. We will support you any way we possibly can.

  11. momtoeli Says:

    GranToAngels, it was an honor to help you out last night. I pray that even one person took notice and will step back long enough to let the truth sink in.

    Praying, also, for your health this week.

  12. deedlynn22 Says:

    Whatever the motivation….sabatoging the website and attempting to induce panic was wrong. I was the one that posted about it and Kimmers response was to me (and this is her edited response by the way).

    In any event, yes, with any weight loss program you can lose hair, you can lose muscle, etc. Again, it is something that should be done with doctors approval. Again, it should be monitored, just like the Hospitals do with Optifast that is 800 calories a day.

    I don’t feel like someone was looking out for me when the KK site was “attacked”. I felt like someone was trying to find me vulnerable and scare me.

    My only thought is that there are different journeys for all of us as far as weight loss. This one is for me. My doctor approves. I’m being responsible about it. I’m not a robot that just does as told. No one has told me to use laxatives. No one has told me anything that goes against doctors orders.

    Why can’t everyone just go their separate ways….and live their lives in the manner in which they see fit.

    I work in the field of litigation and IMHO, it sometimes looks like a witch hunt for a lottery ticket. Not saying that there isn’t problems with both sides, but quite frankly…how many are spouting the ill effects of KK while smoking a cigarette. There is a % of folks out there doing that.

    If I ever decide to leave KK, I will do it with dignity and just realize that it is not the plan for me. Not try to panic everyone else.

    If I ever do have side effects, I will be accountable myself for failing to educate myself on what was proper for my body. I’m a grown adult and can make my own decisions. I am accountable for what I do or don’t do with my body.

    Where was everyone when I was stuffing HO HO’s in my face non-stop. Was anyone bashing Hostess on my behalf?

    Wishing everyone the best on the journey and praying every night that both sides….STOP!

    DEEDLYNN– DeAnna Lynn Smith (43) Cincinnati, OH

  13. deedlynn22 Says:

    gran to angels—before I exited this scene, one last order of business for me. You!

    I never dealt with you at KK. I’m not sure if our paths cross there or not. I know that when you left “Dave” spoke very highly of you.

    In any event, many have been very vocal about my owing you an apology. I think I responded to someone last night, that while I might, an apology from me is sincere and even if I was thinking it through, it would not come across to you as sincere if people were talking to me like a mother telling her 3 year old to apologize.

    Today, I saw my eating disorders psychologist. A lot of time was spent talking about ED. Thinking about you, I inquired about muscles, starvation diets, and exercise. The good doc explained to me the errors of my thinking about atrophy. Further, we discussed the whole “no exercise” promises of many weight loss plans. I am corrected. I was wrong.

    My sincere apology can now be made. I am sorry. I am sorry that I “attacked” you and my “idea” of your personal responsibility with this regard.

    I’m putting this apology here, because this is where I thought it might reach you. I’m really not sure where my original comments were made, but this is where I believe the apology will reach you and most of the other readers of my comments.

    Good luck on your journey.


  14. gran to angels Says:

    Dee…..I accept your heartfelt appology happily…..not happy just to prove you had false ideas or thoughts…that is the last thing on my mind!! Truly! But I am happy that you are able to see what was being done to you! You and I both were kept in the dark by Heidi….we are now in the light! I have been reading your heartbreaking journey…I thank God you are in a place of learning and you are getting help! I said this once before……maybe, just maybe, YOU were the one that needed to hear what you heard that night! Your soul is worth saving, all our souls are worth saving!
    I wish you luck on your journey as well….along with prayers!

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