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Set Up To Feel Like A Failure April 19, 2008

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I have something to admit…I also said those words…you know the ones. The words “I do not care what Kimmer weighs” Or “The diet works” that is all that counts. I even went as far to say….I feel sorry for Kimmer. Oh I do feel sorrow…sorrow for all of those who listened and trusted what Heidi Diaz said. I feel sorrow for those of us who held on to every word that she said. I feel sorrow for those days some of us logged of her site feeling too weak or told we just did not want it bad enough. Those are more then words. Those are words that place blame on a person. The very person who we looked up to, the person who did what we so needed and wanted to do. Or so we thought.Have I ever lied about something? Yes. Maybe about some ones new haircut or a new outfit. I call it a white lie.

Yes I know a white lie is still a lie..but in this case…these lies below are what I consider dangerous and hurtful.
Below are example of the lies Heidi Diaz posted to the very people who trusted and depended on her for advice and help.
I felt like a failure daily ..for not living up to Heidi’s standards.
Kimmer : I’d love to have stopped at size 8. Unfortunately, I’m still a child and can’t
“say no” to temptation, so I keep it away from me.

I would read stuff like this and think she is so strong. Look where she came from and look at her now. Why can I not lose like her. I would think how much I wanted to be just like her. Oh how times have changed. I looked up to her. I wanted to be as strong as Heidi. On the hard diet days..I would be so hard on myself and most times Heidi was there adding her ” you must not want it bad enough”.
Now that I’m at goal, I needed maintenance to be “automatic” for me
I do Not even have a maintenance plan. I wanted to eat just what Heidi did so I could be her size and stay her size. I was blown away that she had kept the weight off for so many years. The more we asked and sometimes begged for a maintenance plan. She would talk down to us. Like where we crazy..couldn’t we figure it out. I now wonder why I did not say Heidi what the heck are you eating each day to stay that size 4 .. 120 pounds.
You may need to start MOM.
I swear I thought MOM was a diet med. It was talked about daily. Gross Gross Gross. She would throw in the MOM words every time someone was not losing tons of weight, Could a easier answer of been…it is not the normal to drop tons of weight each day It did not make us weak .
If I had to do it over again I would do a liquid fast with diet coke.
Okay..I had some thoughts one day about doing this. What I want to know is..since she is on the diet now..why not take your own advice? You would lose much faster then your reported lose on front page.
Dunno, but I don’t have any concerns about low calorie, low carb and yanking
thyroids out of whack.
Easy for you to say…you were not doing low anything. This is a major problem for me to read, My thyroid is NOW so out of wack it is not even funny. My DR even said You are not starving yourself are you? Well of course I said NO. KK was not starving it was a diet plan ..and it worked for Heidi and the ladies on the front page…It was going to for me too. And just as follow up..I had spoken with Becky ( Little Bit) about my medical issues LONG before I was anti Heidi or KK.
That menu would bore many to death. Where’s the “whites”? I’m counting my lucky
stars that I don’t have a fondness for bread, pasta, rice and related carbs.

I would read stuff like this and think ..I am so weak..I want to eat carbs. I want to eat something other then the same foods. All the while ..I was telling myself Kimmer is doing can I. And she was weighing well over 300 pounds. I have a feeling there were some weights being eaten each day to maintain that obese weight.

Me too! My “stop” weight is 5 lb (I’m up/down 3 lb all the time), or my fail
safe test … my jeans. Recall “the thighs don’t lie” as you pull them up, LOL!

Well the thighs do not lie thing ..says it all. What else can be said? Your thighs don’t lie..everytime you open your mouth you lie.

Still no need for laxative help, huh?
My gosh this person posted menus for a week. She was talking about severe snatt and not one day were the calories above 300 to 400. Never once did Kimmer say something to ask them to up calories. She only asked if they needed a laxative. My gosh..she had no food to get rid of. Why would she do that? Heidi do you have MOM stock?
Don’t panic about low calories.
Well…I now seem to panic about all calories. You did a good job messing with our thoughts about calories.
You don’t have to fast specifically. When your calories are very low, and foods
are small (quick) to eat, your body can finish the digestion process that much
faster. When digestion is done, your body goes back to housecleaning and
Bottom line, as long as you have sufficient body fat you don’t need to eat
calories — you’re carrying them with you.

What? Where do you get this stuff? So…ok..I do not need to fast just keep calories at 300ish.

If your body needs 2000 calories for the day and eats 300, the body will take
1700 calories from body fat (which is why it’s there.) As you lose weight, your
body will need fewer calories which is why weight loss naturally slows as we
near goal.

Here we go with 300 calorie it is a normal thing. Heidi were you only eating 300 calories? What about now? You seem to be losing really slow…compared to what you expected of us. How many calories are you getting daily Heidi

If you’ve got time, read my post on the benefits of water fasting (article by
Curezone) which explains about what your body does for protein during a water
fast. Very interesting stuff!

Okay..300 calories is not good enough. She pushes the water fast very hard. She also claimed to do the water fast for weekends and was 118. I bet that weekend she drank ..just not water.


3 Responses to “Set Up To Feel Like A Failure”

  1. magicsmom Says:

    Amy, I’ve seen her post ALL of those things. I swear, it infuriates me to see it all over again, and even more so that Heidi and her minions are denying any of this was ever said. There is life after Kimmer, and we will be victorious! We must be strong and prevail over this evil.

  2. mayberryfan Says:

    Kimmer is a professional con artist. This is how she is able to use people’s weaknesses, fears and frustrations against them in a sick mind-control game. She is also more than willing to take credit for other’s success because she has none of her own to claim.

    Every time I hear her words in my head, I stop and tell myself – that is a Kimmer lie, and I’m not going to listen to it anymore. I’m hearing her less and less everyday!

  3. theTRUTH Says:

    Yeah, big difference between a water fast and a “liquid” fast… 😉

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