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Patience…Back To Picking Flowers April 3, 2008

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Our patience will achieve more than our force.”
Edmund Burke

Today I learned a lesson. One I am not going to forget. I got upset and inpatient. So I decided to push a issue that I should of let go. Well nah..not let go..but handle different. Next time I will remind myself of the quote above. Sometimes people and issues need time. Time to work things out in the mind and then their heart. Sometimes that takes longer then we want…but it is a process. A process that I took a long time to get working on…and I did not do it until I was forced to. In fact I am still trying to work through the process.

Last night I had a wonderful conversation with someone on the phone. I realised that everyone has hurts and worries. I also found out…that you give someone the facts and some support….and they are usually more willing to listen. So today I am going to TRY to show patience and pick some beautiful flowers.

Yesterday was a hard day for me with my blog. Many hard things to read. And many hurtful comments. But ya know what I figured out…I had 20 plus wonderful messages and a few off ones from the same person. Oh well….maybe this person was hurting, or feeling lonley, or drunk. Opps did I say that…okay..I said working on patience not being a angel. ha.

Good can and does win.. Today could be proof of that.

One thing Heidi and Singinglass need to know…people talk, compare stories, PM and e-mails. When you lie so much you forget what you say and according to the IP addresses they forget WHO they are…..The truth will win. One by one..everyone is going to leave. Then Heidi you will have no one to control…and singinglass…I cringe where you will end up with Heidi as your support person.

So today is a good day. Staying up till early this morning on the phone with someone I consider a new friend. Waiting to watch the right thing to be done . It is going to be a blessed day.


9 Responses to “Patience…Back To Picking Flowers”

  1. […] Teresa Boardman wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptSo today I am going to TRY to show patience and pick some beautiful flowers. Yesterday was a hard day for me with my blog. Many hard things to read. And many hurtful comments. But ya know what I figured out… … […]

  2. awakened1 Says:

    I’m so glad to hear this post. 🙂 I think we have picked a very beautiful flower this week. 🙂
    Communication is SOOOOO important… and telephones are even better than emails, which are better than PM’s. Heidi’s biggest enemy is going to be the fact that we TALK through our percieved hurt feelings instead of stuffing them. Talking through them helps us to discover her lies a little more every day.

  3. vernswifevickie Says:

    Great post Amy. I realized last night that my comment in your blog yesterday was mean and flippant and I apologize to you, to simpleannie, and to anyone else who read my comment. I blogged about it this morning on my blog.

    Keep up the good work Amy!

  4. jeanniebaitinger Says:

    There is not a mean bone in your body. Course I knew that already. Thank you for continuing to reach out, AmyB. I know sometimes it isn’t easy. But they say (and I am learning this to be true) that all things in life happen for a reason.

  5. mayberryfan Says:


    You are so right, GOOD does eventually win. It takes longer than we’d like most of the time, but it WILL happen. Whoever it is (really) that’s being tough on you, they are really just showing their weakness. Lashing out at others when one is really mad at themselves is SO child-like. I just hope whoever it is will come to their senses, realize that they won’t be able to start healing until they admit their own faults, and begin the process.

    You’ve made so much progress! I am very proud of you and I know that you won’t let one or two bitter, angry people slow you down.

  6. 2big4mysize Says:

    glad you are still picking and will have patients to allow those blooms to fully mature before you try to pick them.

    I could say then also need some fertilizer but somebody will misintrupret that and make a crack about manure so I won’t but exposing those flowers to facts and informtaion about the dangers of the diet will help those flowers be ready for picking with less damage to their health.

    keep harvesting Amy

  7. bluesuederebel Says:

    AmyB – One of the first beautiful flowers picked was you. You are so inspiring with all you have going on in your life to take so much time trying to help people work through their issues while trying to leave KK’s.

  8. katinsac Says:

    amy, sometimes we need to take the good with the bad to make a point…you are doing the right thing here and there will be others. just remember, you have a lot of support and you will be the victor in the end….good blog!

  9. yustyucky Says:

    {{{Amy & her family}}}

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