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Consider The Source April 3, 2008

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This morning I got up and heard some wonderful news..There have been some changes over on the KK front page. Flower picking is rewarding work . On to the next flower.

Today I got to thinking about how off I felt yesterday with my blog. I am not sure why this did not accrue to me yesterday but I am glad it did today. Yesterday I let myself get so upset about what? Someone that hides behind a fake IP and name..saying mean things. That is plain crazy. It was wasted energy and if I can help it…It will not happen again. Today I had a little smile about yesterday…cause know what I figured out? I made someone mad. I made someone feel desperate enough to come to MY blog and post non important crap. Then the same person came back and asked if Heidi was my imaginary friend….Nope…It she your other personalty?

I am done worrying about what people say. Yes it bothers me and I get hurt. But I would rather be a person that can get hurt and have real feelings..then be so warped that I have no feelings. Speaking of feelings…I dare say this person is not a parent. No real parent would say things about a sick child. No real parent would say my issues with Philip are boring. IN fact I think maybe there are some people who are envious of Philip and that is why they talk so nasty. Philip has more morals and pride and faith then anyone who would come and post what you did yesterday. Talk about a bitter person…come on..take those rose colored glasses off and look in the mirror. You better be thankful..cause one day you could be looking at someone you love ending up very sick , It happens. God forbid but it does happen. A little advice…if it does…try to find a heart. I would hate for anyone to treat you or your child the way you have treated me and Philip. Ya know…Did you feel good at the end of the day…dragging a child into your I love Heidi Diaz war? Oh please? Seems to the me the only love Heidi has is her money…maybe she is the mom you should take a good look at. Be warned is sad.

I am not bitter…I am actually doing pretty darn good. I have 4 wonderful children..married 20 years and just lost 90 pounds. Oh and I am packing to go to Hawaii…hummm…why did I not remind myself of this yesterday? Oh well I did today and I feel much better.

There are many KK people who are upset with my blog. My suggestion…do not read it. Pretty simple.

Simpleannie..I sent you a e-mail…let me know if you are intrested.

Thanks for all the great support. I am still the same Amy …even banned…I am here if anyone wants to talks.

I promise it is a good thing…get do not walk…and do not look back. Easy to say..hard to do. But you can and I am here with others…to help anyway we can.

I need to get ready for bed..I have some flowers to pick tomorrow.


7 Responses to “Consider The Source”

  1. simpleannie Says:

    Amy, I’m sorry I hope that wasn’t all me that upset you yesturday, you may not believe it, but my intent was not bad, but the comments to me made by others, got me fired up and defensive as I guess my comments got you and them fired up. And the ball started to roll. I would never say that your trials with your son were boring, and my heart is with you as I know how hard this is for you. I also am not admistration, or anything close, just someone who saw the address, checked it out and was shocked. I should have kept it to myself and left, but I guess since I don’t know the whole story I was confused to the bitterness. So please continue to pick your flowers, and I will stay out of your garden, as I am a “varmit, or need a sammich,” and all the other stuff they said about me. I want to continue to remain unknown, and as you know the email I used only keeps mail for several hours, and are deleted, so I didn’t get your email. Have a great day…I know you will.

  2. 1slickchick Says:

    Gal —
    I repeat something you wrote today –[b] I am done worrying about what people say. Yes it bothers me and I get hurt. But I would rather be a person that can get hurt and have real feelings..then be so warped that I have no feelings. [/b] —
    this is something to remember. You put yourself out there, for your healing and for the good of others. When you put yourself out there — a chance to be a target and get hurt. Remember your words the next time someone shoots daggers at you.
    You continue to pick those flowers – they are wonderful.

  3. mayberryfan Says:

    SO glad you’re doing better today! It can be upsetting when your’e attacked with words, and to think Heidi or her minions are STILL making comments about Philip? OMG. I would’ve thought that was too low even for Heidi, but I guess not.

    You have truth on your side Amy, and that’s the only weapon you need to defeat a liar like Heidi Diaz.

    Enjoy today. I know you’re going to end up with a beautiful bouquet soon!!

  4. vernswifevickie Says:

    Amy, It’s such a thrill to know that through your blog, through your words and leadership, people are seeing the truth and leaving Kimkins. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. jo2621 Says:

    Amy~ this post gave me a smile this morning. I’m so glad thinks are looking brighter for you!

    It is so hard to get out of KK and that mindset. And you are right, the best thing to do is to walk away and don’t look back.

    And to anyone who is trying to leave or has left and you feel being drawn back; read the anti KK blogs, look at the photos and watch the videos. Ask questions. That will snap you back into reality.

    Have a wonderful time on your trip. You will love Hawaii (I do!). And have lots of fun! You and the family deserve it.

    Hugs, Jo

  6. amyb1569 Says:

    Maybe we are both learning something. I never said you were anything in my flowers…you had a opinion and I approved the opinion and added it on here. I want comments and you have one..that is good.
    My e-mail said..please e-mail me at and we can talk if you would like. Maybe I am wrong ..but I sense you are not half bad and we might agree one some issues and disagree on some..but that is what makes this a open blog.

  7. bluesuederebel Says:


    You have started to collect a nice bouquet to add to the beautiful rose that you are. I’m glad that today is a better day for you. I hope that your trip to Hawaii is a safe, once in a lifetime experience for you and your family.

    I still have all of you in my thoughts and prayers — especially Philip and Emily. We will all be looking forward to you describing your trip to Hawaii. I hope you take lots of pictures to share with us!

    We all love you …

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