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Let’s Just Get Blunt March 28, 2008

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I had considered the title Let’s Just Be Honest…but I have a feeling that may be just too much to ask from some. So Let’s be blunt.
I am over being talked about like I am some kind of idiot, mean spirited, angry, back stabbing, Jellyfish, Vulture..the list goes on and on. Now if you happen to see a certain word on there that you have used about me in the past few weeks…yep I know. And since I know and now you know I know…I can tell you I am over it. I have played nice . I have protected certain people and as I am doing that..They are sending PM’s and or e-mails saying how awful I am or how unfair I am. What I should or should not blog about. You know…if ya have something top say..then say it to me. Not to someone you think will tell me. Grow up and say it. IN fact the one person to comes to mind..has no problem sending mean spiteful e-mails…so I know they know how to do it. Just do it.
A great example…I have a certain person I have a lot of respect for. She wrote me and asked me if I was the one writing my own blogs. When I asked her why she asked that…she said the blog seemed so unlike me. We talked back and forth in e-mails and in the end..I respected and appreciated her opinion. And I hope in the end she understood that I am trying my best to figure out my way through this thing called Amy B after Kimkins.
So since I brought up Amy B after Kimkins. Let me share a few things about that topic. I am NOT mad because I am not allowed back in Kimkins. I will say that yes I was upset when I got banned. I was panicked when I could not go there anymore. Of course now when I visit there I can read but not post. In the beginning it seemed much harder then it actually has been. Many of my friends there made it easy for me to not be there. There was some surprise at how some people acted when they found out I would not be in group anymore. Three followed me and went to another site and we have continued our weight loss and support. The others decided that getting to goal was what was important and stayed at Kimkins. And in the end..that is their decision. They did what they needed to do..and that is what I am doing.
What does upset me is…those who KNOW the truth have stood by and stayed there . I could never stay knowing that my friends 17 year old son was being talked about …or used as a stab to hurt the mom. So if that is okay with you…then stay..but just know…we are no better then the company we keep. From this point on….let’s not pretend to be friends. Let’s be blunt…..Kimkins is where you want to be…even knowing the truth . Not just the truth of the hundred’s of lies, and legal woes. But on a more personal level….used a young man who fights everyday to be the best he can be. Heidi thinks he is made up….that I have used this lie to get something from people. That is such a slap in my face and anyone who loves or cares about Philip.
Today I am mad..I am upset….and hurt. I think that makes me human. I would much rather have these feelings and be true then be someone who only thinks out of “what can I do or get or cheat” today.
So from today on…I am just going to do the best I can to be honest and blunt. But I am not going to be walked all over anymore.
Just know that if you put it out there…it gets back. The funny or maybe I should say sad thing is….you can trust NO ONE. So be very careful who and what you are saying. I got some info in the last few days that made my mouth fly open. I had no idea these things had been said or thought by this person. I know this person has no idea that I know they said this..but guess what….I know. Is that a OMG thing? Nah…but it is important to me. And this is my blog. lol
Why is it…that anyone thinks they can tell me who I can blog about. One person that comes to mind…Poor Singinglass…oh please. She is as guilty as Heidi. No wonder she is on the front page. Hey speaking of front page…Laurala seemed so sweet and pure…nah..she seems to have some of the same mean streaks as Heidi. I know that seems mean….but guess what…it is true . One more time…ya gotta be careful what you say and who. In case you did not know it..NOTHING is private.
Now Heidi….I KNOW you could care less about anyone….I can honestly say I have never come across someone so mean and or sick. This may be far reaching and you may laugh…But keep your big mouth shut about my son. You are not good enough to even utter his name. Have you heard of slander? Keep it up Heidi. I know I think haha…that is no big deal. Um…did ya have that same dumb butt laugh when Jeanessa asked for her money back and said she would sue you? Gosh..I bet you so wish you had given up that money. But guess what…too late now. Who is laughing now? Heidi…the answer is..EVERYONE but you.
And know what else would be well deserved? Well you know when you sent those mean PM and spoke about my hair etc. You were smart enough to not let me pay the rest or a new membership. But the last I heard…I do not need that to have a civil suit against you. Know what…I have medical records with your diet named over and over for months and months. I was not some bitter ex KK person going off to my DR. I was a active…stick up for KK and me being there women…who felt like crap and saw a list of doctors. Ya never know…I am pretty believable. Lab work and medical records do not lie. Unlike you.
Okay..I admit..this may be harsh. But it is the truth.


15 Responses to “Let’s Just Get Blunt”

  1. 1slickchick Says:

    Get it all out AmyB! People talking behind anyone’s back and not woman/man enough to tell it to your face just are chicken, clueless or “mean-spirited”. You (and all of us) deserve better.

    You keep doing what you need to do to be “AmyB after Kimkins”. Be yourself, do the truth, Ya know?

    Sometimes the truth hurts (did you read that Heidi and Kimkin people?)…

    Time heals all (oops, most) wounds – but putting good medicine (no back-stabbing, no ignoring, no laughing it off) on it helps them heal faster…

  2. thetruthinhiding Says:

    Sometimes the truth hurts

  3. […] sean wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThree followed me and went to another site and we have continued our weight loss and support. The others decided that getting to goal was what was important and stayed at Kimkins. And in the end..that is their decision. … Read the rest of this great post here Author: Time: Friday, March 28th, 2008 at 11:04 am Category: Uncategorized Comments: You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. RSS: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Navigation: « E-Mail Forwards Weight Loss Supplements – Do they Help? » […]

  4. 2big4mysize Says:

    hang in there and if you feel moved to write about something then do it. those who are your friends will not drop you cause they don’t agree with what you are blogging about. We are not part of a collective but unique individuals and that is what makes friendships great, the give and take and sharing of informationa and ideas.

  5. vernswifevickie Says:

    Amy…you just keep speaking the truth and writing from your heart. You’re doing great. Those individuals who are two faced gossips are going to do the things they do and say the things they say no matter what you do or say…because they enjoy that sort of nonsense and drama.

  6. mayberryfan Says:

    Amyb – one never needs to apologize for telling the truth. I hope you decide to sue Heidi. For her to question your son is about the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard of.

    As for people not turning out to be what they say they are, well it’s sad, but it happens ALL the time. But, you can look in the mirror and hold you head high. Let them be mean backstabbers. All I can say is what goes around…..

  7. amyb1569 Says:

    The thing that makes me so darn mad…..It is not just Heidi is here whole watch me lose front page group. How in the world can ladies who are on there for Heidi and her group think they know me or anything about me…to talk like they do. I would Love for any of them to say what they want to say in the open. Not in secret. Once again NOTHING is secret. You can not be one person to a certain group and then mock them and or their “holy Roley” attitudes in private. None of them know one thing about me ..or my son. To me..if ya hang with are on the front page and you talk to Heidi about my son…then you are just as guilty as Heidi.
    Looking and acting sweet and Innocent can only get you so far..the TRUTH always seems to come out.
    Ya better watch out talking about things you do not know about…cause guess what…it can backfire on you.

  8. kimkinscam Says:


    Remember – “Birds of a feather……”

    True colors come shining through when it really matters. Don’t sweat it, Amy, you have real friends here, who love and respect you and wish you all the best. FOR REAL!!!

    Wasting energy on folks who don’t have your best interests in mind, are just that – A WASTE OF ENERGY. What’s that saying? …”with friends like that, who needs enemies? ”

    I know it’s frustrating to you to see the “real” picture, but, it must be a little liberating to “know” the truth.



  9. awakened1 Says:

    All I can say is that I am sorry that you are caught in the middle of this right now.
    It hurts deeply when we discover that people we considered friends are gossiping about us behind our backs. 😦

    The truth might be liberating, it might hurt, and it might not ever even truly be completely known. But it is necessary to seek it in order to prevent letting one’s life become a pit of lies.

    Good for you for being blunt, being honest and being real.

    I think after living under the influence of so many lies for so long, the absolute truth is like a hurricane of fresh air.

    Painful, but healthy.

    I wish I could say more, but to be blunt myself… I think I’m feeling way too raw to even express how much I can sympathize with you right now.

    all of this definately makes me want to never trust people again.

  10. heather71g Says:

    I want to applaud you on all that you are doing to uncover the scam behind Kimkins. As a former “Watch Us Lose” person who terribly regrets ever agreeing to be on that front page, I want you to know that I support what you are doing 100%. I was a member of Kimkins for a little over a month and will always be associated with that horrible woman. If I can do anything to help you in your cause, just ask!

  11. bluesuederebel Says:

    Wow, Amy. I am so proud of you! You have been brow beaten by Heidi and KK’s for so long. I’m so glad that you are standing up for yourself. Doesn’t it feel good? Don’t you wish you had done it sooner? And, what is it about this whole situation that makes us mad? That makes us lash out at people and things they say more now than we otherwise would have before all of this?

    You’re not alone. Most of us have felt the same way you do today. Our emotions are off the chart. And, speaking about medical problems — I tried to pass all of my symptoms off on menopause, but they had nothing to do with it. They were all due to KK’s, and I didn’t even do the “plan behind the plan” most of the time.

    I lost so much hair, I considered buying a wig. That doesn’t seem to be a problem to Heidi? I guess not. I guess that someone who’s bald laughs at the rest of us and thinks we ought to be thankful for the few sparse strands we have. The good news is that my hair has recovered somewhat.

    Now, for the rest of my problems. Did I tell you that I couldn’t sleep? I never had that problem before KK’s. The worst thing was the incessant leg cramps. I would get up sometimes 15-20 times a night and cry with them hurting so bad, and I can take a lot of pain. They were dibilitating. I would be so tired the next day that I couldn’t hold my head up, much less the fact that my legs would still ache until bedtime when it would all start again. What caused that? Potassium levels? Do you remember everyone at KK’s discussing that and telling you to take this or take that? How smart was that? It was dangerous. In fact, I think that’s part of the reason why my mother died. One of the medications she was taking was making her potassium levels fluctuate.

    And, what about your memory? Was it foggy? Mine was. I couldn’t concentrate and still have trouble with that. KK’s messes with your mind and your emotions. KK’s takes away your innocence. It takes away your trust in people. It makes you afraid to believe other people. You never feel like you can let your guard down.

    We get all this advice from others telling the people who are trying to take Heidi down to “get a life,” wash some dishes, take care of your kids, and on and on. We’re doing all those things, but we are still determined to keep up the fight to bring Heidi to her knees. We have to see this thing through to have some peace of mind. We cannot rest until Heidi pays.

    As for bringing Philip into it. What can I say? How can someone who seems to be the kind of mother that Heidi is, possibly understand the relationship between you and Philip? Can you imagine how jealous she must be of you? You are beautiful inside and out. You have a wonderful husband and family. You are a success at so many things she will never be — even her own weight loss plan. She couldn’t even do that. All that’s left now is for you to work through these emotions, enjoy your “new” body, your family, your husband, and your life.

    Oh, yeah. And, there is one more thing you can be sure of. You do have friends. Although some of them are new found friends, they are still people you can trust and believe in and depend on. One of them is writing this message to you now.

  12. ohyeahbabe Says:

    Those people on the front page aren’t like regular members who stay for whatever personal reasons they have. They are knowingly marketing a fraud. Not smart from a liability perspective at all. They KNOW she’s a fraud, they are on the front page so they are MARKETING that fraud. Aiding and abetting. I wonder how many of them will be deposed, and whether they will end up with attorney fees they didn’t count on.

  13. prudentiablog Says:

    Just stopping by to add a hug to the pile of well wishes for you today, Amy. Say hi to Philip for me!

  14. avenuegirl Says:

    It’s amazing what you see when the rose colored glasses come off. I am sorry you are dealing with this too Amy. I’ve had to confront some things and people I didn’t want to as well.

    People have heard all the warnings at this point – and have no excuse in doing the responsible thing. At the same time I think a lot of people have turned their heads because they lose some weight for the first time in their life and they still don’t fully understand what is happening to them. They can’t and won’t understand until it is months later and it is too late. There is serious damage being done to metabolisms, muscles, and a whole psychology factor that is a battle in itself.

    Too many are still wearing the “magic glasses.” Even some who have left and proclaim they no longer support KK, and even say they are cheering us on. People who are in our own camp – are still doing a lot of the wrong things.

    I’m just glad you got out, and are here to help us now.

  15. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amy, I wasn’t trying to use you blog to talk about “me.” I know there are a lot of people from KK’s who read here, and I’m hoping that if they see some of the issues I had, they will recognize them as some they are having and GET OUT OF KK’s before it affects them physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

    I’m sure some people think this is being overly dramatic. I would have to until it happened to me. Heidi Diaz cannot tell you truthfully that these things won’t happen to you because she has never done her plan successfully herself.

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