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What is the BIG Deal? March 25, 2008

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I bet some of you may be wondering what LittleSina and Singinglass are connected. Well to the surprise of some and not to others…they are the same person. Now it is not the end of the world that Singinglass has a secret ID on some sites….I have a feeling many people do…No Amy B does not. I am Amy B wherever I go.


So what is the big deal? The big deal is…Singinglass has really lost her mind. I use to think that Singinglass was over her head. I was worried about her. I thought Heidi Diaz was taking advantage of sweet innocent Singinglass. Oh Amy ….Will I ever learn? Ya know….I hope not. I hope that I always try to see the good and the innocent in people. Not everyone is sneaky and lying…not everything is a scheme.

Let me explain to you why I think it is so odd that Singinglass would post as LittleSina. Singinglass AKA LittleSina posted on LCF about Singinglass. LittleSina posted every post about Singinglass. She even made some rather rude comments about Heidi. Opps….is she going to be banned? I think Heidi should ban SingingLass for TOS. She came on to LCF and posted smack about not only herself ( so odd) but also Heidi. Remind me ladies….weren’t there some ladies banned from KK for posting much less on LCF? I say we demand for Heidi to follow her own screwed up , made up, rules. Ban Singinglass.

Below are the post Singinglass posted on LCF as LittleSina…

Singinglass’s posts as LittleSina

Originally Posted by LittleSina View Post
okay. i guess i will be first to post on this new thread because the other I posted my question on was closed? a little confused. Please look at my question and let me know if you all have already seen sl’s web page. sorry if i am bothering.
Originally Posted by LittleSina View Post
okay.the web url isXXX ( removed by Amy B to not help Heidi or Singinglass with more fraud)

sorry, i don’t know how to link it, does someone else know how to do that?

Originally Posted by LittleSina View Post
oh, i guess it linked just typing the address in? so never mind on someone else figuring it out.
Originally Posted by LittleSina View Post
i was afraid it would just be something you all saw a long time ago. i have’t been able to read everything, there is so much, sorry. baby keeps me busy.i don’t know if it was her singing. you would think if she could sing like that she would be off somewhere raking in bucks, not be over at kimkins. i know i would be trying to anyway, like american idol or something. i can’t tell if they are all the same voice? the last won kind of gave wierd chills though. is there a bride site for opera singers she got the files from? rofl.i didn’t understand the havenlore stuff?
Originally Posted by LittleSina View Post
oh, sorry if it is old news. i wasn’t sure. is seemed interesting though and she looks different and smaller in those theater pictures. i think some look like they came from newspaper maybe? i don’t think whoever is singing in those files sounds like a wannabe, they sould like a real opera singer with all the really high high notes and different langauges, i just don’t think it is really sl. do the files sound like a different person in some of them to anyone else to?
Originally Posted by LittleSina View Post
ha! sl found out people were looking at her page cause she now has a message to lcf on it and says she is putting the files up in different formats or something to make them play easier. she must be doing something to it right now because the players are all mismatched and not lined up and there are active x control pop ups. thats funny though that she put that message on there. i don’t care, i still don’t think the files are her no matter what format she puts them…removed by Amy B , as to not help Heidi or Singinglass with anymore fraud.
Originally Posted by LittleSina View Post
maybe heidi with some captian in it? it could be a theater prop or something though, who uses a flask in real life?
Originally Posted by LittleSina View Post
then maybe it WAS sl in hedi’s lap!okay. a question, and again i have holes in what has been discussed, so sorry. has anyone ever checked to see if there are any family links with kimmer and sl? could they be related?
Originally Posted by LittleSina View Post
what you all think of the posts between tt and sl on amyb’s blog?the size comparison pictures were interesting, thanks for showing us those.

A few things jump out to me in these post. First she talks about the baby keeping her up at night. That is odd to go so far in the lie that she says that. Maybe she is having more issues then we know.

And Singinglass brings up her own site . Then she post a welcome to LCF on her site. Then on my blog she post…..


You all seem to treat me and any info on me like it is dirt or something—as seen by the recent traffic to my little web site with files and theatre pictures. I just am someone trying to lose weight like many of you are, I started completely as a volunteer on the site…it was christin who asked me to moderate. What you see is what you get—I answer questions and chronicle my loss on that site, that is it. I am not involved in any buiz aspects, financial, nor do I have any records or access on any of that. I did not know about most things until all of you did. I am there because I have friends, like helping, and am working on my life and health as well.


That is so odd…..She is the one who gives the web page. She talks pretty bad about herself and Heidi. And then she complains with poor pitiful Singinglass that everyone is going to her page. That is way weird.

I swear Singinglass is as sneaky and cocky as Heidi is.

Just as a reminder…just last week Singinglass posted a question on my blog asking who Kimmer and Singinglass is. Same IP address as her other comments on my blog.

Ok let me ask…since Singinglass abused the TOS posting smack at LCF about Heidi…..She called Heidi a drunk in a round about way….flask and captain Morgan. Who thinks Heidi should ban Singinglass?


5 Responses to “What is the BIG Deal?”

  1. 2big4mysize Says:

    So did Sl do it to generate a us vs them battle those bad ducks trashing me etc just beofre her outage in her deposition? To generate some sympathy for her a la the death threats the local police have no record of?

    did she set a trap on her site to track where folk went and came from ( check your tracking cookies folk) to see if any KK known IPs were coming from the link on FWK topic?

    or is she laying the foundation for her mental defect defense with her split personality defense? it was the other me doing it honest judge.

  2. mrsmenopausal Says:

    Singlinglass was given the benefit of the doubt. There was genuine concern for her and her involvement with Heidi Diaz and Kimkins. Between what I’ve read here at your blog, at other blogs, her actions and many of her words at KK, and what she’s done at LCF, I don’t view her past actions as innocent anymore. Quite the opposite.

  3. angel373 Says:

    I think all of that and more, 2big. This whole thing was smoke and mirrors. She wanted to once again make it look like the ducks were beating up on her and bullying her, so she could JUSTIFY why she chooses to stay at Kimkins. I also agree she was trying to snag as many IPs from her site as possible. Probably to go back to Heidi so they could catch the moles. I also think it has to do with more distraction away from MCD. I think we all need to go back to digging on that one. Interesting how as soon as “Little Sina” was exposed, we now have a questionable “little miss” over there stirring the pot. I hope Tom will check the IP on that one too.

    Oh I would so LOVE to see Heidi toss SL out on her a$$. It won’t happen though…birds of a feather, you know…

  4. 2big4mysize Says:

    actually a tracker has been found on that site so it looks like that was one reason she posted it.

  5. mayberryfan Says:

    Isn’t about time for Singinglass to claim another round of threatening phone calls? PUH-leeeezzzeee. She’s as big a creep as Heidi and I hope they both get the justice they so richly deserve – matching cells and matching orange jumpsuits. Guess that will give SL the chance to be Heidi’s be-yotch for real.

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