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On My Mind March 22, 2008

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Today I have had a heavy heart. I have felt that maybe I am doing more harm then good with my blog. I know that there are some people who I have a lot of respect for..have told me….that my blog seems harsh and so unlike the Amy B they have known in the past. That was hard to hear but deep down maybe they are right. I have always felt like I was a supportive type person. I would never go out of my way to hurt anyone or even cause them issues. That is just not my way of dealing with issues.

The whole Singinglass issue has really upset me. I THOUGHT maybe if some of us reached out her Singinglass…she would see the truth. I thought with enough people showing her that she had a place to go and people who cared…she might decide to do the right thing. Instead things went in a different way. I feel like Singinglass lied and tried to make certain people look really bad. The same person who was trying to help her most…she hung out to dry and called her a liar. When it was shown that indeed Jeannie had actually sent tons of supportive e-mails….Singinglass still choose to not tell the truth.

I must say I see more and more of a common “way” of Singinglass acting just like Heidi Diaz does. Singinglass is not the sweet innocent girl I THOUGHT she was. She seems to be mean spirited and cruel in some ways.

I was shocked today to find out how far Singinglass would go to be hurtful. There was a certain member on KK that was very rude and sneaky. I would get the rudest PM and e-mails from someone called Sweet Treats. This person seemed to really enjoy talking mean in PM’s about Philip and his medical issues. Does that remind you of anyone? wasn’t it Heidi that brought Philip and his issues into her battle with me? Sweet treats made sure to get “digs” into Philip and my skills of taking care of him…for weeks. There were messages posted to me on the Board.


Re:Tippy Toes 5 Months, 1 Week ago
I think I have a question for you Amy. For some reason, it seems that every time I scan the café lately, you have a thread directed at various members of the staff, be it Kimmer, the new doctor, or now Tippy. The posts often are repeated questions you have asked from other places and threads, and earlier today I could have sworn I saw this exact word for word post elsewhere. Just kind of wierd that you kept a copy of it. Just, personally, it seems to me like you are trying to bait the staff into saying or doing something to somehow trap them or something, and are being really obvious about it if you think it is sly or clever. It especially was wierd how you kept hounding the Dr. over and over to see him, especially since he is obviously here in like an online consultant kind of role and other blogs and forums are trying so hard to find any info on him or see him in person. Please stop, just let the staff do their online roles here, online, without giving them loaded kind of fishy questions.Am I the only one, or have others noticed or felt this too? I am not someone to be mean or confrontational, but this just has been really bugging me every time I skim the forums.
Messages like this were rude enough but then there were the personal ones were even harder to read.

Jeannie had PM me and asked me if I needed her to take care of the issues with Sweet Treats. I said just let it die down. Imagine my surprise when Jeanie told me today that she had contacted the KK staff and found out ..sweet treats was Singinglass. Wow nothing like the admin of a site being sneaky enough to lash out under a fake name. and then attack a child and parenting skills in secret PM’s and e-mails.

I did some research today and found that the last post was to me…and the info is indeed Singinglass and her accounts.

The reason I bring this up is to say this…

Singinglass is NOT some poor lost soul in all this. She is a grown person who is FULLY aware of what she is doing. Her ways are as sneaky as Heidi Diaz’s. I am shocked now…to think those means post came from Singinglass. I am also surprised she has not learned to cover her track better.

So as of tonight…Singinglass is on her own. Sweet treats is on her own..and the list goes on. She is not innocent and she also is not able to say she was not warned. She knows what she is involved in. And she has decided to stay at Kimkins and be employed and paid with a con artist money. That is her decision and she has made it.

I do hope her sister and the baby are going to be okay. I for one hate the idea of anyone being sick of having medical concerns form being born too early.

I am sorry you decided to handle things the way you have. There is no need to e-mail me any nasty e-mails…I know when it is you or matter what name or e-mails you use. I had hoped that would do the right thing. And maybe you still can.


10 Responses to “On My Mind”

  1. amyb1569 Says:

    jeanniebaitinger Says: March 22, 2008 at 7:00 am e
    I am sorry Amy. You deserve better. I too am rethinking SL’s position at this point. And you are a good Mom. Don’t let anyone make you second guess yourself.

  2. katinsac Says:

    wow, I didn’t think SL had it in her to use a sock puppet too…guess she learned well! Amy, you are doing the right thing. Please forward all your information to John, I think he will find it very interesting and SL can worry about it at her Depo.

  3. mayberryfan Says:

    Amyb, {{{{{{{hugs!}}}}}!

    I sincerely hope you’ve turned this information over to John Tiedt for the lawsuit. Singinglass has made her bed, and it’s time for her to sleep in it.

    It’s sad that there are such mean, sick and cruel people in the world. It’s up to the good folks like you to see that justice prevails.

    And, a note to Singinglass: This is real life, not the make-believe world you seem to spend so much time in. You cannot click your ruby red slippers together and make everything okay. I hope you and Kimmer get just exactly what you deserve!

  4. beckyw Says:

    Amy, I also am sad about this. Not surprised, but sad.

    It reminded me of something Jeannie told me in emails we were exchanging when she was in the process of leaving Kimkins. In an email dated 12/3/2007, Jeannie wrote:

    Delaney has stopped talking to me. 😦 But the last she said to me was Kimmer was making secret admins. You had one normal login and another admin name and log in. John needs to know this. She is trying to hide admins to keep them away from John I think.”

    So, perhaps she got the second user name and access as part of that process.

    And I bet we can both think of some names who are likely to be on the ‘secret admin’ list.

    This info was sent to John back then, but it may be time for me to resend it, in light of him asking for info re: Delaney.

  5. beckyw Says:

    PS – Any secret admins need to know that they will be easily discovered, as the legal action proceeds.

    Hiding behind a secret admin status in order to spy out and clean up after “naysayers” (also known as truth-tellers, in the real world) will not go well for you.

    Time for a reality check.

    Resign and get out while you can.

    John Tiedt’s email is

    His office phone number is (951) 343 – 3320

  6. amyb1569 Says:

    I guess I still just do not get what in the world I did to cause Heidi and Sweet Treats AKA Singinglass to make me their target. It is hard to understand how someone can be so rude. I have tried hard to ignore it. I told TT to let it go and it would go away. It is crazy to me that for these months…someone like Singinglass could be sending so many mean messages and yet seem so kind on the boards.
    Makes me wonder what I did to cause such hard feelings.
    I now have the truth that Singinglass is a lot like Heidi. Sad.

  7. angel373 Says:

    Amy…what did you do and why did they target you? It’s because you are a wonderfully honest, nice, sincere and compassionate person. And a good friend. They can’t comprehend that. They are jealous of that. They will NEVER be like that, and they know it. It’s as simple as that.

  8. prudentiablog Says:

    Amy, be patient and kind to yourself as you go through the normal stages of grieving after having left KK. The anger will abate soon enough. And you are not lashing out at innocent people. You are confronting those who have wronged you. That is normal and healthy. I’m sure those that love you don’t like to see you feel that way – meaning hurting, and they likely worry that you will stay that way. A lot of people have been taught to either deny or ignore anger. As one who has worked extensively with adults who have done just that, I have seen the repercussions. By dealing with all of this now, you are likely saving yourself many years of unexplained behavior. No crystal ball here, of course, either way.

    I’m very proud of you. You are a great Mom, and someone I am blessed to know.

    Wishing you and yours a Blessed Easter.

  9. 1slickchick Says:

    Oh AmyB… I have a heavy heart for you too. You have been through enough. You have been the target of nastiness for no good reason. Those that are different (whether good or bad) always seem to be singled out. You are good, loving, compassionate, and above all else HONEST — this is very foreign to others – -and thus you get the brunt of their nastiness. This is so wrong – you have a billion other things going on in your life that these type of things shouldn’t be additional stumbling blocks.

    You know – you wrote that people that know you from your online threads are surprised by what you write in this blog. I must admit that alot of what you write isn’t written with the same flair that you post on forums. But that is okay – we all have different ways of expressing ourselves. I went back and re-read all your entries here – yes, some are a bit surprising to hear from you, but NONE are nasty or harsh. They are all true and i firmly believe that this blog is doing 2 things for you:
    1. A way to express yourself to help your healing process (gosh, we so need to be healed) and
    2. A way to reach out to those that are either also hurting (me, for example) and/or those that don’t realize that they can do their weight loss without being under the spell of Kimkins.

    You Go Girl – you are doing great!

  10. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amy, Everyone knew what a good heart you have and what a sweet person you are and that’s why we urged you to leave KK’s. I’m so glad you are gone from there. You will work through all of these feelings. Just keep your mind on maintaining your weight loss and don’t let negative thoughts influence that. We are all here to support you and we appreciate that you continue to share your feelings with us.

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