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Singinglass Has A Message for us… March 21, 2008

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I always think that we can be whoever we want to be online. It is a easy way for someone to be who they really want to be. It is a way to say or do things we may not be able or willing to do in the “real world”. But one thing that can mess that plan up is….we always seems to show our true colors . Deep down I think everyone has certain characteristics that shine through even we do not want them to.

There seems to be a common thought that Singinglass is some young, naive, vulnerable person in this whole Kimkins mess. Many of us were very concerned that she was over her head and if we reached out to her…she would see the light and save herself. But the more I see everyone reaching out to Singinglass the more I see a side to her that is not very nice.

Maybe it is time for us to accept that Singinglass may just be the perfect co defender for Heidi Diaz. Maybe she is exactly where she wants to be. She knows the facts. She looked like a fool on the Fox show. She sat up there and defended Kimmer and within minutes found out she was Heidi Diaz. She sat there and said that the web site was changed and a new explanation was on it. That was a lie. She now knows that everything from the name to the goal stories to the money to foster kids and on and on…it is a LIE. She even has the benefit of Heidi being forced to tell the truth in a deposition. So I will repeat it. Singinglass knows the truth. She stays because she wants to. She is responsible for helping keep Kimkins up and running daily. She herself said she was a independent person. I say she is just as guilty.

She came on my bog under the same IP address and posted who is Singinglass? Who is Kimmer comments? I swear I think she has the same issues Heidi had about what her name is. Singinglass….do you really not know who you are?

Then under same IP posted that Jeannie had ONLY written her a Merry Christmas one line e-mail. She called Jeannie out and said she lied about e-mailing her. And when the e-mails were posted she did not even have the nerve to comment. She just went on and on about the timing of my blog. As if I had any idea her sister was in pre term labor, Which btw I hope she is doing better. Thank Goodness the baby is at a good stage to be born if necessary. Then again poor timing seems to be a natural with Heidi. She loves when people are down or worried ..then she attacks. Opps..I mean has others do her dirty work for her. We all know Heidi does not do her own work. She sets people up to do it for her. I have a feeling Singinglass better not ever sign any forms Heidi wants her to. Gosh knows what they are.

I got this e-mail this morning. The person it came from is someone who I have NEVER heard her speak a mean word against anyone. She does not gossip and tries really hard to stay out of any of the drama. So when I read her e-mail , her words were just another example of the truth about Singinglass.



On another subject, I read your blog today and wanted to make you aware of something, that you may not have known. Delaney is one manipulative lady. I don’t gossip and don’t make statements like that lightly. You know me. I don’t tend to speak negatively of others. If anyone thinks that she is the one being manipulated, they are wrong.


And as a ending for this…for all of you who took your time and emotional energy to try to help Singinglass. For those who reached out and offered her support . She has a message for us.

Watch SingingLass Lose Project ~ 2 Hours, 43 Minutes ago
Remind me not to read any blogs or anything else out there right now. The last thing myself and my family needs right now is the crap they are spewing. It takes a lot to make me actually angry, but today I was….just with the combination of what is going on, and then their stuff….yeash. It may not be lady-like, but all I can say or show to all of that right now is a middle finger.


I think this makes her position very clear. Not a smart move Singinglass.


6 Responses to “Singinglass Has A Message for us…”

  1. bluesuederebel Says:

    Well, I read every blog, every post, everywhere, with great interest. As for SL, she’s in it as deep as a person can get. She uses her “little girl” act to make people feel sorry for her that big old bad AmyB is out to get her.

    Good going AmyB. You pointed out the fact that you have been kicked over and over while you were down. I’m glad you followed through with posting the emails. Go on from here, and let the cards fall where they may as far as SL is concerned. As the saying goes, ” she dug her own grave …”

  2. vernswifevickie Says:

    I guess when they seize her computer for evidence it will be alot easier for SL to avoid reading the “crap,” Huh? How nice for her that she can get her message across so eloquently with just her middle finger….and I’m sure it will fit through the bars so she can continue to tell us what she thinks from her cell.

    SL and Heidi deserve each other.

  3. avenuegirl Says:

    She has no comment because she would have to admit she was WRONG, and LIED and CREATED HER OWN STORY. She is enjoying her short lived fame, bad or good, she has now had some tv exposure, and she is featured on the front page of KK. She will be a part of the lawsuit, giving her deposition. In some warped way I think she considers this great.

    Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame SL. It’ll all be over soon. I’ll tell you where she can stick her middle finger…..

  4. katinsac Says:

    SL is a drama queen! She is in this knee deep and deserves what she gets. If she’d keep her mouth shut, her sister wouldn’t know what is going on and probably wouldn’t be having problems now. Hope she is OK. The diet will get SL in the end and she won’t even be smart enough to know what hit her. Kinda sad if you think about it and Heidi will be laughing at how stupid she was to believe her.

  5. ohyeahbabe Says:

    Bless her heart.

  6. 2big4mysize Says:

    John has issued a request in his latest letter for any screen shots or emails implicating SL so it looks like this was truely something she should have taken seriously.

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