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Singinglass Makes Her point Clear March 20, 2008

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Thank you for taking time to comment back. Before we get started …I have a quick question….Your IP address shows up for all your post here AND also for a post you made under the name roseyapple with a fake e-mail address on March 10th. I am confused . Do you really not know …. Who is princkeric? Kimmer? Sorry, confused. NO need to be sorry…just be more sneaky next time. That dang IP address will get ya every time. Maybe Heidi can help you with that. She gets caught more often then not due to fake names and same IP addresses.

Why would you need to ask who princkeric and Kimmer are? Please tell me you do not have the same issues Heidi did for so long when she had no idea she was not kimmer and she was really Heidi.


roseyapple | | IP:

Who is princkeric? Kimmer? Sorry, confused.

Mar 10, 5:58 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — Hindsight…


  1. singinglass | | IP:
  2. Thank you for the concern expressed. For the record—the only contact Jeanie has made towards me since November when she left Kimkins was a single-lined e-mail saying ” Merry Christmas!”. I have not blocked her, she has my phone number…there has been no emails or calls from her to me. I told her at the time that I respected her choice and held nothing against her etc…however it is a little upsetting to see falsehoods made in regard to claims to try to reach or “save” me and so forth when none were made. I am not saying that she should have done anything like that–but rather that it seems odd she did not try to simply contact me personally, rather then making it into a big display publically… which has resulted in positive attention and redemption comments for her across blogs .
  3. ————————————————————————————————

Now back to the topic. I never said comment by 4 or else. In fact I only said I thought Jeannie was being to kind to you. You said and I quote”Thank you for the concern expressed. For the record—the only contact Jeanie has made towards me since November when she left Kimkins was a single-lined e-mail saying ” Merry Christmas!”.

And today you said”No I did not lie. She emailed me a few times in November the week she left, and a Merry Christmas line I got a week after christmas because I visited family. Read my initial post…I said I have not heard from her since November.

Which is the real story? It can not be both ways. And I took your advice and went back and re read your original post. What was it that you wanted me to see? That you said two different things? Because you said you never got but a one line Merry Christmas E-mail. And even called her out for saying she e-mailed you to look good in the “public eye”. But in your post today you say you DID get e-mails? Confusing huh? IT is hard to keep this straight.

Singinglass you also mention your family and how you are worried about your sister. I can so understand that. I am a mom and know how scary pre term labor can be. I know you are very close to your sister and I hope that the DR can stop her labor.

You also asked how it would feel to be scared too death and having to deal with this. Well Singinglass….I DO know what that is like. If you recall….your boss and friend was PMing a certain KK member hours before my son was due at the hospital for a major operation. You know I could ask the same question. How do you think I felt. How do you think I felt when your boss and friend said She did not believe my son was sick. How do you think it felt to know she said I made up Philip and his issues. Hurts , and makes you mad. So to answer your story, I know and understand. It sucked for me. be careful that Heidi does not know about this family worry, she tends to take the vulnerable moments and go in for the kill.

I am glad you said you have a wonderful step mom. You also said you do not think of Heidi as a mom figure. So Jeannie…and everyone else. All of you who thought singinglass stayed working for Heidi because she was so close to her and maybe felt like she could not leave. WE now know Singinglass is not that close with Heidi. So she must stay for the money and a job. Simple and much easier to deal with. There is no deep reason. Singinglass works there. I have no idea but I assume she is not going to answer any questions.

That means Singinglass is not under a spell or anything else. She now fully knows the details and she has decided by no comment on the facts…and staying employed there that she must support Heidi and her daily dealings. So that means she is fully responsible for whatever actions may happen being employed by Heidi. So for me…I am not so worried about Singinlass. She seems pretty darn snarky on her own. AKA Snary is a Heidi description words. Makes me go Hummmm?

As for drama. Singinglass…you are work for Heidi Diaz. YOU went on Fox and said you knew who she was and stood by her. You defended her and seems like you still do. So drama…you bring that on yourself. As for your web page. I know nothing about it but I am sure if it is on the web, it was there for people to see. And also about the drama….Heidi has a dealing with the courts and a file tomorrow. That is real drama. Like in jail drama. Freeze your money drama. Make you swear and tell the truth drama. One day go to court and have people see the real you drama.

So singinglass…you seem to ignore the questions. Do you want to see if we ( ME and You and Heidi ) can go back on Fox news? They seem very interested. I also know you can not speak for Heidi…cause for all we know she may be in jail when the show is being tapped. But what about you? I would love for us to go and clear things up. If there is nothing to hide…it should be a easy decision.

So correct me if I am wrong. You are staying at Kimkins and have no problem with Heidi Diaz or her actions. You are either more brave or naive then I thought you were. I hope you change your mind.


—– Original Message —–
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 1:09 PM

This is from AmyB. She wants to talk to you in a positve manner. xxx-xxx-xxxx

Nothing negitive at all. No annomosity.

Original Message —–

Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 1:16 PM

AmyB also has asked me for your phone number but of course I won’t give it out unless you say I can.


Original Message —–

Sent: Saturday, December 01, 2007 3:50 PM
I guess Kimmer banned AmyB now. Amy is devestated. She wants to call Kimmer but I have tossed her phone number out.
I made a big post that was at Amy’s site and is now everywhere. I meant every word of it. I am afraid the LC community is going to turn us away, del. I almost can’t believe it.
If we find a way to create our own boards, will you come? I may just have something in the works.
Oh, another email from Tiedt. Looks like I am going to deposition. Monday I have to get an attorney consult. Can’t wait to throw that $ away. grrrr And this may just be the beginning.
I have blocked webmaster and askkimmer from my emails. I want no further contact with her as it is only causing me more legal troubles.
We gave her every benefit of doubt. We gave her the chance to come clean. Del, she just can’t do it. I have no idea why or what’s wrong with her. I am over it.
Your thoughts these days?
Original Message —–

Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 8:46 AM
Subject: Re: hmmm
What? I take it LCF is up and running. How would they like it if we posted a map to their friggen house? That makes me so mad!
What did Christen say? wrote:

In a message dated 11/30/2007 4:25:05 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Clearly Yucky is Ducky. wrote:

LCF is completely down, nothing loads for that site….
And apparently Yust Yucky over-stepped, because that page they have on me, had all of the contact info for my police department and that sergant deleted and left blank, apparently they are not even allowed to say the city or police department name. They must have gotten a slap for all of that and telling people to contact. And then over on lcf, that stuff was all over the place as well.
ya think? the stuff they are now theorizing and posting about me is crazy. apparently i am a phone psychic with lots of phones and lines and made the calls myself, i staged it to time of the release of the news report….forget that ducky is the one who caused it. I am not actually a singer…the show i did this last summer was made up, despite having photos up in my journal and it being on the front page of the entertainer here twice….i have both emailed and left a voice mail for that sergant….not reply. I am wondering if they just looked for a 911 report. I did not call 911, i called the police department directly. heck, i reported it to the fbi even and well, was told it was a matter for local authorities.
Interesting enough, they have un-banned my lcf account. I actually received several supportive pms from people….and actually a nice two from easy peas, and christin. I have not replied though, not sure how to, still confused of where i fit into all of this.
The thing I am really upset about right now…is honeybee putting a map up showing directions to where i live, and seeing nothing wrong in that. Lets just further aid people in harassing her. I cannot believe lcf is allowing that. Would the allow that if someone did that to someone else randomly? Doubt it.
Amy and a couple others have asked where you are in the cafe. Kimmer replied saying you were having issues with your dh and time at the computer. Made it sound like he was upset you are at the computer so often or something. interesting to the say the least.

—– Original Message —–
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 11:15 AM
Hi delany! Are you holding up OK? I read your posts at LCF and just wanted to say I am sorry to see you being attacked again. I KNOW you were not lying nor have you lied about anything.
Del, I know you need support right now. I am here for you. And I will always be here for you.
Does it irk you to know K had 1.6 million in cash that she couldn’t spend fast enough and to know she cut my pay before the freeze saying she had limited funds? Does it irk you to have been paid so little too? And Gary must be irked too. I don’t see him posting. I am flabergasted. And I feel used. Still, saying nothing to anyone but you and I trust you to not forward or repete my words. The longer I get away from K the better off I will be. Can’t believe I stuck my self out there for her when she was lying to us the whole time. Don’t get me wrong. I would not care if she had millions put away. It was the manipulation tactic of “poor me’ that pissed me off.
So what’s in your mind these days? Any word from K?
Original Message —–

Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 11:03 AM
Subject: Re: (no subject)
It was Kimmer who suggested I leave as she knows I am afraid of the deposition expense. I didn’t reply and she hasn’t said more either. So no need.
Del, I have found another site. Amy’s site is very Kimkins friendly still. I am there now but under a new name. Tippy Toes is so tarnished I don’t think I can ever use it again. Only one person there knows who I am.
Even if I had Kimmer remove my admin status, the truth is, I just don’t trust her anymore. I don’t want her telling me things that can get me in the middle just by knowing them. And she has… I have to protect myself. wrote:

In a message dated 11/28/2007 6:32:04 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Hi Delany. Sadly, I have made the decision to leave Kimkins. I do not want to be called in for deposition as you know. So I am out. Makes me sad but I have to protect myself.
How are you doing? Did you see the pics of her house??? I can’t open them cause even using the cloak the pics know I am banned. I’ll get someone to send them.
I admit I was stunned she had 1.6 million in cash. I am also stunned she paid cash for both cars when she was telling me she can’t make the car payment. Really, that lie was the deal breaker for me to stick myself in the noose for her. She had a chance to come clean and we both helped her make a fresh start. So why? Why lie to us? Is this just habitual? I just can’t say…
What will you do now? And I see Gary is MIA too.



I am so sorry hun, and I know how difficult it must have been to make that choice. Have you told kimmer yet? I still cannot decide, so quietly am doing my own thing as of yet….i guess the hard part for me is I still am losing and depend on those boards…..and don’t really have anywhere else i can go. I have not been posting as much though. Have you thought about just being a regular member again? Not sure how you would feel about that and all….I actually have not heard from K-lady in two days, but figured she most likely is busy with all the legal stuff as is.
Wow That is a lot of e-mails back and forth for you to say you got nothing but a Merry Christmas.

6 Responses to “Singinglass Makes Her point Clear”

  1. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amy – Thanks for sharing this.

  2. avenuegirl Says:

    A special thank you is in order here for Tippy. Those were your private emails, and you didn’t have to share them but I’m glad you did.

    I don’t know why SL believes there is no where else to go. There are a lot of other weight loss forums that are supportive and have real people.

  3. angel373 Says:

    I agree, thank you Jeannie for sharing your emails with Amy and therefore with us. And thank you both Jeannie and Amy for being such caring people. I left a note in a previous post, hoping that SL would wake up and leave KK. I believe there is no doubt now that she would have at least one wonderful, supportive place to go, if not more. So it’s not a matter of SL having no where to turn. I am thinking, personally, that she is making the concious decision to be BFF with the lying liar that lies. Which is truly sad, but to each their own. We are known by the company we keep. One day when KK goes down…and it WILL go down…it’s just a matter of time, SL will have burned her bridges and that’ sad but oh well. She’s a big girl.

    Jeannie and Amy, God Bless, you but I think SL may be a lost cause.

  4. vernswifevickie Says:

    Amy, I’ve been reading your blog and I am touched by your gentle, honest spirit. Thank you for sharing the facts. I am honestly a little bit shocked at the reaction of SL. Apparently she believes it’s ok to be a part of a huge scam that has taken advantage of people, made them sick, defrauded them of their money, and left them to deal with the emotional aftermath of such things, and yet she wants to be treated with a little empathy. That just turns my stomach. I’m reminded of the verse that says “Cast not your pearls before swine.” To me that means there’s no reason to keep presenting the truth to someone who has made the conscious decision to walk in lies and deception. Sadly, there are those who prefer the darkness of deception over the truth. That would appear to be the case here. I’m sorry, but I feel no sympathy for SL. She’s chosen to lie down with a dog. She will get to reap the “rewards” of the bed she’s chosen.

    Jeannie, I am touched and inspired by your efforts to make things right since leaving Kimkins.

    Amy, you and your family, especially Philip, continue to be in my prayers.

  5. jeanniebaitinger Says:

    I would hate to think anyone is a lost cause. There was a time many thought I was a lost cause too. And some still do. But there were some who refused to give up on me and I thank them for that now.

    Del, I hope your sister and the baby are OK. Sorry this was bad timing. However, I am trying to reach you because of your upcoming deposition. I am making this public as I do not want to implement myself further by looking like I am trying to help you “cover” your own butt. You may not realize it, but the deposition is evidence that may be used against you in not only this lawsuit but any other(s) which may follow. You must tell the truth, of course. Claiming you barely talk to Heidi as you have done here may come back to haunt you later. You should be aware that your computer may be siezed as evidence. If you are caught lying on the depo in contrast to what will be found on your computer (deleted or not–it’s all still there and will surface) you may be held accountable for the Kimkins scam. Again, I am trying to help you see future consequences. And again I will tell you, this is Heidi’s scam. Why take part of the fall for her? Your own emails are proof you know she is a fraud and a liar and yet you still are willing to take the fall for her. Why? Plus you are aware John has all the emails reguarding KK from me, to me, ect anyways. And why have you skipped over the things I have told you here? Things like serious side effects, proof, Del–documented by Amy’s Doctors. Why didn’t you call Amy when I gave you her number? You can only stick your head in the sand for so long, kiddo. I know. By staying on at Kimkins and by telling others how to do the diet you are helping make people sick. There is no paycheck worth that, assuming you are still being paid. And make no mistake. The diet does make many people very sick, even if you feel fine yourself.

    Email me or call me anytime. If you call me and want to talk I will not repeat what you say. But I am turning my computer over to John upon demand, just as yours will surely be used as evidence too. There is no privacy in emails for either of us anymore. I hope you understand that. And know I will never help Heidi Diaz again knowing now what we all know. But I sure would help you if I could, however it is clear you are going to have to help yourself first. A good start would be quitting Kimkins and calling John. And no matter how angry you are at me, I still understand your position and loyalty. There will always be a spot for you at Campcarbaway.

    You have confirmed to me that I was correct in assuming you want no further contact with me. You came out swinging. It doesn’t have to be this way, Del. I really do care about you.

  6. yustyucky Says:

    SL says “And apparently Yust Yucky over-stepped, because that page they have on me, had all of the contact info for my police department and that sergant deleted and left blank, apparently they are not even allowed to say the city or police department name. They must have gotten a slap for all of that and telling people to contact.”

    Actually, no. What happened was that the sleuth who handled the contact with the two officers at the Corvallis PD and who served as the “go between” relaying questions and comments back and forth, when near the end of the series of communications, sent along to the Corvallis PD a brief summary of the Kimkins scandal and lawsuit. At that, the senior officer said that he didn’t want to be named and didn’t want his office to be identfied or anyone in the office named or identified. He preferred to be “left out of it.”

    Upon learning this, I edited his name and the name of the other officer, and identifying information, out of my post at the Yucky blog. Because, like I said, unlike Heidi and her minions, I do have a real respect for the police and I have to say a healthy fear also. Try as I might, and badbad as I am, I’m unable to attain the sociopathic arrogance & nonchalance toward the Law as Heidi and SL and certain other persons have managed to attain.

    And I’m not Ducky. And Ducky’s not me. Obviously we’re both glad about that! 🙂

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