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Delaney AKA SingingLass March 16, 2008

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Since it is my opinion that Gary is not a real person posting on Kimkins. SingingLass seems to be the last REAL admin at Kimkins. SingingLass’ name is Delaney. I can not help but feel something sad about Delaney. When I look at the pictures of Singinglass I see a Lady who is losing weight and feeling better about herself. That has to be a wonderful feeling.

I can only assume that Delaney may have some feelings that are far from wonderful. I am not sure how Delaney can justify staying at Kimkins . And even more important….How can you work for Heidi Diaz.

First ….I think Delaney stays at Kimkins because she thinks she NEEDS to be there to lose weight and keep it off. Delaney has done such a great job losing her weight. You can see by her pictures that she is REALLY losing her weight. She is doing great now almost in the 180’s. I know that it has been said by Delaney that she stays at Kimkins because she is afraid she would not find a home to lose the rest of her weight. She was afraid that she would re gain her weight. I think Delaney had some of the same fears that many of us have. I will repeat what I have been saying. No one but yourself is responsible for your weight loss. Good or bad. We are the one and the only one who puts the food in our mouth. Kimmer has no magical powers . Delaney…if she did she would of lost her weight. Then she would not of needed to lie. Then she would not of needed to use Russian bride pictures as her own. Then she would not need to Photoshop her current pictures. Heidi is not a miracle worker…she is a liar and a user.

Second…Delaney. You are playing with fire working for Heidi Diaz. You seem to of latched on to her as a mother figure. And we all know that she is not mother of the year. I know how sweet and conning Heidi can be. It can be hard to know what is real and not real. But in this case…You can not say that. You know everything. You have learned of every lie . Have you read the truth from Heidi herself? Delaney read Heidi’s words class-letter-031308.pdf. Can you feel any pride working for Heidi? What are you going to do when she throws you under the bus? Heidi could care less about what happens to anyone but Heidi.

You are not going to be able to get out of this mess easily. You will have to hire a lawyer. And if Heidi has told you she will hire you one….watch out…that would not look too great. Remember Heidi has no money . Her own son does not have a bed. And she is a liar, thief and con artist. Heck is she does hire you a lawyer…be sure to check where they are licensed. It could be a male groom for rent.

Delaney…..You can lose weight anywhere. You are so much stronger then Heidi is. You have lost the weight and Heidi has not. You are doing it. You look great. Your sister is going to make you a Aunt . You do not want to end up in Jail. Or having a civil suit filed against you. I have a feeling you are not going to qualify for immunity now. You know the truth and you stay continue to work for her. Lately it has been noted you seem to be more and more like Heidi.

Have some pride . Leave Kimkins before it is too late. If not ..then hire Lawyer…you are going to need one.


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  2. mayberryfan Says:


    You’re sweet to worry about Singinglass. I used to feel the same way. But, she has had ample time to learn the truth, and withdraw her association with Heidi. In my book, she is culpable now. I’m sure Heidi has filled her head so full of lies that she would argue that the sun rises in the east if Heidi told her something different. Her only hope is to plead that Heidi has a Svengali like hold on her. On second thought, Singinglass makes most of her living playing make-believe. An insanity plea might just work in her case.

  3. amyb1569 Says:

    I am not so much worried about her. I want her to draw the line and make it clear what she is made of. I know she knows the truth,,,more then we even know…but if she stays she is guilty …guilty as Heidi.
    And I have a feeling the courts will think so too. I am sure Heidi will use Her to her advantage. That is what a user does.

  4. kimkinscam Says:

    I couldn’t help but crack up at this line..

    “It could be a male groom for rent.”

    You have a great sense of humor – especially considering what all you have had to deal with. Hugs, to you! And I hope Singinglass reads your post and gives it some serious thought. I think she’s in WAY over her head. But, either way, she’ll know the truth soon.

    Have I told you, I love reading your blog?

  5. jeanniebaitinger Says:

    Delany, I just want you to know I understand how easily it is to get sucked into Heidi’s web. It may not be too late to ask John for immunity in exchange for what he wants from you. Please don’t let Heidi tell you he is just trying to scare you as she told me over and over. This is very real and very serious. Heidi is a fruad. It took me some time from stepping away to see it in full for what it really is. And Delany, it is a scam. Sure, you lost weight, I lost weight. But what price did we really pay? The diet lacks basic nutrients–we know this. People are sick from it. AmyB herself has serious health issues, lack of vitaminD, thyroid is shot, and some personal issues I am sure she would rather I not share. I spoke with Christin this week-end, Del. What she told me really sent red flags flying for me. She cannot exceed 1500 calories per day, cannot go over 40 carbs, even with exercise without re-gaining weight. She has had a year to get her metabolism to bounce back and it appears it will not bounce back. That frightens me for all who lose it on Kimkins–especially you. Don’t believe it? Try taking a maintenance break for one week and see what happens.

    I was one of the lucky ones. Yes I have a thyroid issue and I believe it was pre-exisiting, however I also think Kimkins may have made it worse. It sure didn’t help it. And one of the Ducks/bloggers has been kind enough to take the time to try to help me move up the carb ladder. It has been with her help and encouragement that I have not run back for another KK round. I am up by 7 lbs but thankfully seem to be stabolizing now. I will tackle those 7 lbs later as I am re-building my metabolism now. And I am lucky. It seems to be working. I am so thankful a Duck reached out to help me, even though I am sure it has not gained her any popularity. God only knows what continuing to do KK could have done to me. All those people who complain of being so cold all the time… It is THYROID, Del! And yes some diets cause hair thinning. But I recently saw a pic of a long term KKer and I admit I was stunned to see how little hair she has left. This is not a small price to pay as Heidi led us to believe. It is the result of a severe deficiancy. If you are losing lots of hair, just think what is happening inside your body. Scarey.

    Del, you and I had discussed having no place to go if we left Kimkins. I know you have seen what has happened to me and I am sure it frightened you. I know you read LCF and I know you watched me get kicked to the curb by many, including being banned from Eating Low. But Del, some good came from it all. Campcarbaway turned out to be the best support I ever had. Lots of your friends are there too. And you will always be welcome there and no one there will give you a hard time. That is a promise. You do have a fantastic support group waiting for you. And even if you want to continue to do the Kimkins diets there you can without bashings. Plus we are learning of some alternatives to Kimkins which I have personally found works just as well. Written by Doctors, no less! 🙂

    You know I have emailed you several times, tried to call you and it is clear you do not want to hear from me. I am not two faced, Del. I have learned the truth about Heidi and her scamming ways as well as the real dangers of the Kimkins plan. Just email AmyB and ask her for yourself. You too will be horrified. I have not turned because I want to save my own reputation. lol Far too late for that now. But I sure don’t want to be responsible for promoting a diet that hurts people nor do I want to help a scam conn artist make profit from hurting others. The fact she cannot do her own diet tells it all. When we went to the MJ show and she dropped the ball right before telling us who she was, why didn’t we even consider she would have pics of herself thinner? We never gave that a thought because we were so wrapped up into defending it all. I think she knew that and timed it accordingly. She lied to us and that is why she is unable to produce a single pic of herself thin. It never happened and that is why. I believe she waited till we were so busy collecting what we needed for the show that we would not have time to question that OR ask for her skinny pics. She is a pro in the conn game, Del. You have to see it by now.

    Anyways, think about calling or emailing John and try to make a deal if you still can. It’s going to get ugly. And again, you can always come to Campcaraway free of charge, just as any KK member can. You will NOT lack support. And I do miss you.

  6. angel373 Says:


    We don’t know each other, but I know who you are from lurking on the FWK thread at LCF. I am very concerned about you, and I really hope you take what Jeannie said to heart. I believe she really cares for you and it sincere. I’m a member of campcarbaway and I can tell you that it’s a great place, and I really think you will be welcomed there. I know that *I* would welcome you there in a heartbeat. You NEED to get out of KK now. You really do. Please call John and talk to him. You don’t want to mess around with a fraud lawsuit. Get out now, and come to Jeannie’s site. We are all friends there, and it is a wonderful, supportive place. You can do this. You DON’T need Heidi. She is the one who needs you. Don’t let her have anymore control over you. You can do this.

  7. […] Jeannie Baitinger aka Tippy Toes has been kind enough to try to send a lifeline to Delaney aka Singi… on Amyb’s blog. SL has been losing weight. She must be sleeping well with all this news going on. Hey Heidi, do you think Delaney is out looking for a real job so she can rat you out on her deposition? Perhaps you should call her for some weight loss tips before it’s too late. […]

  8. magicsmom Says:

    Jeannie, you said some very kind things to Delaney. I’m glad you have a place of your own where you get support. That is important to all of us. I pray that Delaney will take to heart the things you said and will follow suit with you. It is very kind of you to reach out to her.

  9. barbarab2 Says:

    Jeannie, your attempt to persuade Delaney to leave the Kimpound is to be applauded. As you have come to see, Heidi will throw anyone under the bus once she is done scamming them. Your concerns recently about anyone doing KK have been expressed both here and at the camp, and I really wish that Fox would do another broadcast and update your position, if you would consider doing it. Perhaps even AmyB would consider it with you. What is so insidious about the diet is that many folks don’t suffer the health problems until AFTER they have lost the weight.

  10. kimkinscam Says:

    Thank you Jeannie for reaching out to SL and for speaking so honestly here. It was the right thing to do and I applaud you for it. Hopefully, she will listen to you and get out now before Heidi uses her anymore than she already has. Your words meant a lot to me and hopefully, SL will feel the same.

  11. singinglass Says:

    Thank you for the concern expressed. For the record—the only contact Jeanie has made towards me since November when she left Kimkins was a single-lined e-mail saying ” Merry Christmas!”. I have not blocked her, she has my phone number…there has been no emails or calls from her to me. I told her at the time that I respected her choice and held nothing against her etc…however it is a little upsetting to see falsehoods made in regard to claims to try to reach or “save” me and so forth when none were made. I am not saying that she should have done anything like that–but rather that it seems odd she did not try to simply contact me personally, rather then making it into a big display publically… which has resulted in positive attention and redemption comments for her across blogs .

  12. amyb1569 Says:


    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Of course no one but you and Jeanie know what contact has been made in the past. So for the sake of moving forward, lets get back to the purpose of my original blog post. I am curious if anything Jeanie said to you in her comment reached you? Do you see any truth in anything that has been said? One thing is for sure…Jeanie is reaching out to you now. Are you intrested in lisening to anyone other then Heidi Diaz? Jeanie’s warning is from her experiences with Heidi Diaz. I can not help but notice a common mood of the comments …it seems everyone wants to be supportive of you. NO bashing, or name calling. Would you be willing to share your opinion on the questions and concerns with you being employed by Heidi Diaz? Legal worries? Moral issues? Now that Heidi has admitted the truth to the courts…does that change your opinion on anything that has been said before or during the Fox news channel. And one last thought. There seems to be so new interest with the Fox channel. If they were to do a follow up show..would you or even better Heidi be willing to go with me? I am sure this time we can make sure it is not done on a day she is due to be in the lawyers depo. Thanks Singinglass for working with me to try to clear some of this up. And BTW….I mean it when I say congratulations on being in the 180’s. I know it is not a easy road. Let me know your thoughts on this blog and I am more then glad to post them , good or bad. And let me know if you and or Heidi would be willing to represent Kimkins side on the Fox show with me.

  13. amyb1569 Says:

    jeanniebaitinger Says: March 20, 2008 at 8:23 am e
    Several emails today. Many want me to comb through my sent email box for proof I have tried to contact you, Del. But I don’t want to do it. There is no reason to pit you against me. I could do it but no one wins but Heidi. This is not a popularity contest. It doesn’t matter if people think I am lying or if I post emails proving otherwise. What matters is you, your involvment and support of a woman who will surely toss you under the bus to save her own hide. I have immunity. This is not about me. This is about you. I sent you an email today. My phone number is on the bottom. I will patiently wait for you to call me, OK? And I am not mad at you at all. I am mad at Heidi for manipulating all of us with her huge pack of lies.

  14. amyb1569 Says:

    jeanniebaitinger Says: March 19, 2008 at 4:49 pm e
    Oh Del, I am so sorry you think I didn’t care. I did send you the last email and you didn’t respond. Last I called you we were cut off and I tried to call back with no answer. I sent you a Merry Christmas wish in hopes you would know I still cared. And to that I also got no response. Perhaps I should have reached out more, kept emailing and calling but I respected your silence.

    You are right. I should not have taken this public. But Del, this is a public matter. And it was clear you were not speaking to me. I didn’t know how else to reach you.

    I am concerned to see you take a fall when this was Heidi’s lie. I want so much for you to be able to work a deal for immunity, if it is even still possible.

    Again, please accept my apology for not trying harder to reach you. It has taken me a while to see everything for what it really is. I do care about you. This is not about you helping take Heidi down. Del, I know you read the depo. Even without your voluntary cooperation, don’t you think Heidi is in big trouble? She isn’t getting out of this, with you or without you. I am afraid for you. Call me?

  15. amyb1569 Says:

    2big4mysize Says: March 19, 2008 at 4:32 pm e
    Thanks Amy for keeping this moving forward. And updated Fox show would be great.

  16. amyb1569 Says:

    Was Tippy Lying??? « Diary of a Mad Housewife Says: March 19, 2008 at 3:48 pm e
    […] responds to Tippy from AmyB’s blog singinglass |Thank you for the concern expressed. For the record—the only contact Jeanie has made […]

  17. amyb1569 Says:

    Singinglass…Time to Listen to someone other then Heidi March 20, 2008
    Filed under: Uncategorized — amyb1569 @ 11:45 am Edit This

    I will say that my original blog posting I had ready is not what I am posting now. I received this from Jeannie and decided to honor her wishes. But let me say this Singinglass. I find it hard to not to really wonder what the real story is. I have a inbox filled with stuff that hows just how untruthful your response back to Jeannie was. Jeannie is not perfect. None of us are. But after spending this morning reading some e-mails. I feel like you really wanted to mess with her. She has done nothing but reach out to you. I find it hard to understand why Jeannie is still wanting to protect you. But trust me…she is. So if you want to answer my post with a real response. I would be glad to listen. And for your sake…take Jeannie’s advice. Call her.
    Jeannie…I am holding off on my blog because you asked me to. I am not going to say I understand why you are still protecting her after SL has treated you so bad the past few days. But I said I would wait . Now is that 4 easter or central time..ha?
    From: Jeannie Baitinger
    To: amyb
    Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2008 12:30 PM
    Subject: SL
    Amy, I know we have talked about the SL issue. I sent those emails to you because it was important you knew I was telling the truth. I am asking you not to use them yet. Please give Del a chance to respond to my last comment on your blog. The last thing I want to do is turn everyone on her. I have no idea why she said she never got any emails from me when she has in fact responded to the first few. All I know is that Heidi is one manipulative person and even I cannot believe things she had me do for her. Things that seemed so right at the time, you know? She manipulated you too so I feel you of all people can understand what I am saying.
    Knowing Del has no real Mother figure I do believe she is looking up to Heidi. Do I feel a little guilty for not trying harder to get her out of there? Yes I do. But the last phone call was rather cold. And she didn’t respond to my Merry Christmas email either. But I still want to try. Getting the Ducks all pissed off at her for lying will not help her make a decision to get out. I am sure Heidi put her up to it. What better way to take the focus off Heidi than to try and put heat back on me? And knowing I have reached out on many occasions, Heidi will not care one bit to see Del take the heat if you release the emails.
    Tell you what. At least give her until 4:00 this afternoon. Maybe she will call me or email me first. Maybe she will post again in your blog. By then I know she will have read my last email, I will KNOW she has my phone number and I will know she has read your blog. Please give her a chance.
    It pains me to know how much this will hurt her. I don’t want to cause her trouble. There is a part of me who would like to just not respond, take the heat myself instead of her. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what you are trying to do. I have tried hard to make my wrongs right with open honesty, some good, some bad. I don’t enjoy the thought of being pegged a lying liar who lies once again. But I HATE it for her even more. I do care about her.

  18. amyb1569 Says:

    Singinglass said ” You know I was reading this stuff right when my phone rang….my brother in law telling me my sister is in labor two months early. I have been sitting, coat, purse ready waiting for the call for when they are done with the doctor so I can go there. I am shaking, crying…my sister is the most dear person to me in the world. And here, this ugliness is up on my screen still. Stop with the black mailing, of treating this like entertainment, of going after people.

    No I did not lie. She emailed me a few times in November the week she left, and a Merry Christmas line I got a week after christmas because I visited family. Read my initial post…I said I have not heard from her since November. I also never hung up on her, I do not do that…..the last call from her was a very long rambling voice mail I think saying something about viruses on her computer that she thought she got from opening emails from heidi—even though an email would have to have an attatchment to do that. That call I did not respond to.

    Anyway, right now, the last thing I want to deal with is this drama, call me foul names or whatever. I am a real person, I have a family, people I love, and that doesn’t matter to any of you. And no, heidi is not some kind of mother figure for me, i do not even talk to her very often and I am a very independent person. If i needed a mother figure I have an amazing step-mother.
    You all seem to treat me and any info on me like it is dirt or something—as seen by the recent traffic to my little web site with files and theatre pictures. I just am someone trying to lose weight like many of you are, I started completely as a volunteer on the site…it was christin who asked me to moderate. What you see is what you get—I answer questions and chronicle my loss on that site, that is it. I am not involved in any buiz aspects, financial, nor do I have any records or access on any of that. I did not know about most things until all of you did. I am there because I have friends, like helping, and am working on my life and health as well.

    If you want drama, please find it elsewhere. I just feel like I am being used here to generate blog traffic and fill holes when there is not any new info off of Heidi. If I sound emotional right now—I am. The contrast of worrying about my sister, and then seeing this stuff, it just really makes it all look petty and jeuvenile compared to what is really important. I am sure people will comment on that statement, but it is true. How would you feel if you were sitting scared to death for someone you love and then saw emails and posts on the internet saying ” reply to us by 4 pm or else”. And you all wonder why I stay with kimkins.

  19. amyb1569 Says:

    singinglass Says: March 20, 2008 at 3:43 pm e
    p.s. Jeanie did email today as well—how can I be expected to reply or pour out when it will all go straight to being used as material for the case? yeash.

  20. amyb1569 Says:

    Posted by TwoBIgFormysize ”
    SL says ” I started completely as a volunteer on the site…it was christin who asked me to moderate. “

    And your point is? When Christin ask and you accepted neither of you knew about the fake success stories, the fake weight loss by Kimmer nor that the whole site was involved in fraud. She found out and left as did many others. You made a choice to stay and work for a person who conned thousand of people out of their money for a fake diet plan that could shed 198 pounds in less then a yr safely with no ill health effects and no loss of hair either.

    What you see is what you get—I answer questions and chronicle my loss on that site, that is it. I am not involved in any buiz aspects, financial, nor do I have any records or access on any of that.

    Actually just being there on the front page you are involved witht he financial aspects of it. Going on ABC and the Mike and Juliet show you are selling the plan. You are a paid endorsor of the site and plan. you have used your body to sell Kimkins. that is about as financially involved as one can get.

    I did not know about most things until all of you did.

    Yes and you have made a choice to stay there. you knew you were employed by a con artist on a site involved in a major marketing fraud and you chose to stay working for both. Everybody makes desisions based on their personel values and beliefs. You choice not to resign from Kimkins before the M and J show when you were told by your boss hey I am the con artist heidi Diaz you have been readying about on the blogs and in FWK topics peaks volumes about your lack of honest values.

    Continuing to work and defend a website based on a fraudulant diet and still being fraudulantly marketed with the pictures of Jeanie, Christin, Deni and those stolen russian bridal site pics sasy even more about your lack of honor and character.

    Where are you going to draw your line and say enough of this dishonestly? The book of James says we are known by our works and yours right now are speaking volumes about you.

  21. […] Jeannie Baitinger aka Tippy Toes has been kind enough to try to send a lifeline to Delaney aka Singi… on Amyb’s blog. SL has been losing weight. She must be sleeping well with all this news going on. Hey Heidi, do you think Delaney is out looking for a real job so she can rat you out on her deposition? Perhaps you should call her for some weight loss tips before it’s too late. […]

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