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Who Is Kimmer? March 14, 2008

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Last night I spent hours reading the latest information from the Class Action Law suit again Heidi Diaz. I really thought I had heard it all. I thought nothing with Heidi could surprise me….but I sat and read each page in shock. My mouth dropped open. For a while I felt embarrassed for her…but then I was angry. Lie after Lie…
So I spent some time reading the Jimmy Moore interview. It was enough to make me sick.
I know my blog today seems harsh…I am not a mean person. Just a person who never wanted to see what others said about Heidi is true. But it is and now everyone knows. I wonder how it feels to have everyone cringe when they hear the name Heidi Diaz. No one trust Heidi Diaz.
Who is Kimmer? From A Jimmy Moore Interview.
Kimmer is women who would lie about what day of the week it is. I use to think she could not be all that bad. Oh Amy…Kimmer is that bad and more. Kimmer is a embarrassment as a dieter, a business women and a mother. That may sound harsh. It is the way I feel. After reading the TRUTH in the class action letter I now know the TRUTH. Heidi Diaz is everything everyone said she was and more.
Who is this women with the incredible weight loss success stories?
She is a liar. She is a cheater. She is a thief. She is a abuser of children. She thinks nothing of using her own son’s name without his permission. She admits he has no bed. She has the nerve to speak rude and untrue comments about a banned members sick children. She is a impersonator. She pretends to be anyone other then herself. She plays the role of everyone and anyone on her board. There was Brandon, Her dead mom, her business partner, Her cousin, Wonder Women…there was Melt…There is Crispy bread …and most likely Gary..and the list goes on and on.
How did she develop the Kimkins diet?
Well I think she took some Atkins and some Stillman mixed it with some shakes and some MOM and called it Kimkins.
From 318 to 118 in 11 Months…..In Her Dreams. Just like everything else ” This is a Lie”
Number One…. Biggest low carb loser…Yep..that about says it all…Her name is Kimmer…Nope..her LEGAL name is Heidi Diaz. Now I know Heidi does not seem to hold much concern with the law…but I think we should make sure we cover all the facts here correct and clear. And something as simple as what is your legal name? Who are you? Is it that complicated? Not for most. I know who I am …do all of you reading know who you are? Are we sure Heidi even knows who she is..Using your dead mother’s name. That must make her really proud.
Being at goal for 6 years. Ha. you know I NEVER faulted her for her weight. Why in the world would I…I was heavy and know how hard it can be to lose the weight. But to read what she says about being at goal for over 6 years is too much. How can she lie as easy as we tell the truth.
1. J.M asked: Tell us what it was like to weigh a whopping 318 pounds..How eerie to see her response to about telling how it was when she was heavy. She says Oh Jimmy do I have to? I swear I wanted to throw up. As I read this paper…my eyes got bigger and bigger. I am shocked . And how funny that I thought Heidi could not shock any of us anymore.
2.Heidi ask…how in denial can a person be? Oh I ask that of myself Daily Heidi. Maybe a better question for you would be…how much of a liar can a person be?
I had to laugh when I read the part..there comes a day in a heavy person’s life where they say enough is enough. Guess what….You are heavy and enough is enough. Tell the truth.
3. J. M asked : How can you lose weight so quickly one Kimkins? A pound a day. Do you realize the amount of pressure that puts on people? 200 pounds in under a year. How does the weight come off so quickly with Kimkins? Um…well in your case you LIE about it. You even went as far as to make people feel weak when they could not do ” what you lied about doing”. You said you lost 17 pounds in 10 days , no sweat. You set people up to feel like a failure when they could not do the same thing. That is cruel . Heidi you are cruel.
4. J.M. asked How did you deal with the excess or loose skin after your major weight loss…..The plastic surgery…oh this hits home. You tell people to ask you about Plastic surgery. Are you serious. There are women who HAVE done the HARD work and can not afford plastic surgery and you lie and say you had it done. You even went as far as to tell people you could help them it covered through their insurance…the way you did. Once again a lie.
5. J.M asked How has your life changed for the better since your amazing weight loss?
Well since you opened the door to this…You said your children are no longer embarrassed by you. I want to say that I would think it is hard for children when their mom is heavy. Shoot I know my daughter would never say it..but I am sure she is happy I lost some weight. But I would think Brandon is much less embarrassed by your weight and so embarrassed by your criminal activities .
You said you stopped lying to yourself. Lying to yourself…

Wow..where to even start. You did not lie to yourself. You lied to everyone. Including your child. How does a mom do that? How can you take his name and use it knowing that you are here to protect him. I am sorry Brandon had a mom like you. Your actions in my opinion are clear child abuse.
The pride your children have in you….Oh Heidi…that is so sad. I have a feeling Brandon feels not an ounce of pride in having you as his mom. Since you are so well known in the “foster child program” maybe someone should of stepped in and saved Brandon from you.
6. J.M spoke about Heidi borrowing a fail proof plan from Dr. Phil….Borrowed from Dr. Phil...Heidi does not borrow..she steals. She steals diet plans, she steals identity from anyone and everyone…small children, dead relatives. And even the idea that she mentioned helping in a Homeless shelter. I bet you you used their personal info along the way. You are a user and that is what they do.
7. J.M asked Heidi why she was motivated to start a web site. I know no one asked..but since this is my blog..I have my opinion. OH I think we now know The reason she started the web site was to screw everyone over…mess with our heads…steal people’s stories and oh let me add my favorite…talk nasty about their sick children ( okay I am a tad bitter with the Philip issue)
8. J.M asked …what can people will experience when they join your group.
Once again…I have a different opinion then Heidi. She spoke of a safe place for her members.
A safe place…are you serious. Hollywood can not write a more drama filled movie. We have PI, fake ID’;s including using young children’s and dead relatives. Then we have Russian brides . Hiding money and paying IRS and on and on. Then there is the porn issues..that someday will come out. Matter of time.

No laughing or passing judgments….That is sad too funny to comment on. You pass judgment like I weigh on my scale. BTW you have nothing to be proud of. Just like you would say you are proud of yourself.
9. J.M asked Heidi if helping lose weight is what she sees herself doing the rest of her life. Heidi then goes on to say she missed a whole movie because she was writing answers on a napkin for one of her kk people who asked her a difficult question. She also says that everyone with a weight problem is special to her. Missed the movie answering a kimmer difficult question….I have a feeing it was more likely you were busy writing up excuses why you would not post the pictures …..My goodness…post some dang pictures. Real pictures . Non “fixed” pictures. Just do it.. We would rather see you heavy and real then thinner and fake. You have to learn to be real.
10. J.M thanks Heidi and offers congratulations for the weight loss. Now the great ending to this was when Heidi says…that she almost wish she was starting her weight loss journey over…Guess what is my guess ..this is your first try., I do not think you ever lost the weight. And in truth that is no big deal…except you keep lying about it. Take a deep breathe and tell the truth. I am sure someone on your site will hold you hand and help you lose your weight. maybe you can join a Atkins group ….


10 Responses to “Who Is Kimmer?”

  1. katinsac Says:

    Great explinations only problem with all of this is, why does it take John’s explination of what many already knew to convence people the Ducks were right all along. Also, the Ducks are the ones that fed John all the information he needed to “call” Heidi on her stuff! This doesn’t demenish the fact that Heidi lied and lied all the time and still lies! I hope she gets what she deserves and in my opinion…Brandon still knows more than he admits.

  2. mrsmenopausal Says:

    Great post, Amy. Already knowing about the lies and deceit didn’t diminish the jaw-dropping shock of reading the documents. It still astounds me the lengths she went to to deceive so many. It’s sickening. How anyone can support someone after reading these facts is beyond my understanding. It’s not a matter of supporting someone who gained weight back after losing (which isn’t even the case) it’s a matter of supporting a known and admitted fraud. Supporting someone who went to great lengths to con a great many without any concern for anyone but herself.
    My blog: Weighing The Facts

  3. amyb1569 Says:

    Well as I have said before…I did not want to believe anyone could be that “rotten”. I always tried to see the best in her. And trust me it got harder by the day. But seeing it all together and seeing HER answer those questions in her deposition …..Just clicked.
    Just think….if the LCF Ducks had not worked so hard. Heidi would be living happy and as dishonest as ever.
    So Thank You Katinsac for all your hard work with all of this.

  4. kimkinscam Says:

    Just wondering if Singinglass has read the documents yet! And wondering about her thoughts on the whole thing. I can’t imagine what must be going through the minds of those that have stood by Heidi, all this time. I wonder if any dare to talk about this latest information at the Kimpound. Probably not! But, hopefully those that still WANT TO BELIEVE IN HEIDI AND HER DIET, will read her, in her own words, and see the truth – the truth that the ducks have been preaching for a very long time. It’s actually very liberating to finally see all the hard work and efforts put into this cause, come full circle and addressed in this way.

  5. barbarab2 Says:

    Great post Amy. As much as we all knew and discovered on our own, reading the document brought me as close to hating someone as I have ever been. Especially since I have also read the Ask Kimmer threads at LCF and could see the snarky and mean comments about folks not doing the diet right and that they “just didn’t want it bad enough.” I could see this huge woman berating the efforts of folks who were really DOING the diet, as opposed to Heidi herself, who was eating sugar cookies and downing Capn Morgan – as much as 16 oz in a day. Every time I read about her, the anger is very strong. But thanks to you, I also got a laugh when you said:

    “I am sure someone on your site will hold you hand and help you lose your weight. maybe you can join a Atkins group ….”

  6. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amy, I enjoyed your post. I take it that you had never seen or heard that Jimmy Moore interview until reading it at John T’s? You really need to listen to it in her own voice to get the full effect.

  7. prudentiablog Says:

    Another great post, Amy! It all so hits home when you see what you already know confirmed in those documents. I agree – if you can find the time, listen to the JM interview so you can hear Heidi’s own voice. It will make your skin crawl, and that way you can know for yourself what a scammer sounds like.

  8. yustyucky Says:

    {{{Amy}}} I feel so sad reading this. Yes Heidi is cruel — not just occasionally, not just unintentionally, and not just when she’s hurting and upset. She’s cruel routinely, habitually, and on purpose. And she enjoys every minute of it.

    That’s the thing I can’t get over. The cruelty, to everyone, to children, everyone, all the time, for no reason whatsoever.

    I don’t want to know that there are people like Heidi in this world. But there are good people too.

  9. magicsmom Says:

    ((((((Amy)))))) you are working through your emotions. Know that many feel the same way you do. I wonder if she rubbed her hands together in evil delight as people posted about the nausea, hair loss, dizziness, palpitations, and more. All the while, she had a tumbler of Captain Morgan and diet Coke nearby, not to mention the sprinkle-encrusted sugar cookies. I honestly believe the woman is a sadist and got off on making people suffer with her starvation plan.

  10. […] healthy coefficient lossnHBorrowed from Dr. Phil…Heidi does not borrow..she steals. She steals abstinence plans, she steals indistinguishability from anyone and everyone…small children, departed relatives. And add the aim that she mentioned bringing in a Homeless shelter. … […]

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