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Hindsight Follow up March 11, 2008

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Yesterday I found myself second guess how my blog entry yesterday may of come across. I try to not go back and re read or re do because since these are my feelings ….there may not be a right or wrong. But this morning I feel a burden to add a few things to yesterday’s thoughts. My goal yesterday was to cheer all of you on into knowing that YOU are the reason for your success with weight loss. You are the ones doing the hard work.

Yes I lost weight. Yes I was on Kimkins and I spent months on the kimkins board. In no way do I want to take away the good that being there with friends and support helped me get closer to goal. Support is almost as important as the diet plan itself. But there are many sites to get support. Not everyone will fit in or feel at home at all of the sites. You reach out and see where you fit in and you find your Niche ( is that a word?).

I stayed too long at kimkins. I stayed for all the wrong reasons. I THOUGHT I could not do it without Kimmer and her site. I was wrong. I can promise each of you….the site is not the reason we lose weight. It is what YOU do . It is what YOU do or do not commit to. It is really about what YOU put or do not put in your mouth. Yesterday I wanted to get the point across that Kimmer and kimkins is not magical. YOU can be your own magic. YOU each have control. Kimmer did not make me thinner….I did. I found the strength to make some changes and I am still finding that. You can find that also. DO not let anyone ever take the credit for your hard work.

I consider myself a pretty strong person ( well some days). If you had told me that I would beg or promise this or that to be allowed to come back to a site . I would of thought you were crazy. If you had told me I would allow someone to tell me I could not talk about my own hair, or a simple suggestion from my DR about adding some foods back in, who I had lunch with or not…and yes Jimmy Moore still owes me a lunch ….the list goes on and on. No wonder Heidi treated me the way she did…I allowed it. And she enjoyed it. Seeing things more clear now ..out of there..and feeling stronger. I am disappointed that I was more caught up with Kimmer and her site then I was my own self respect. Kimmer did not do that to me….I allowed it. She just enjoyed it.

One last thing…if you are going to depend on someone for your weight loss and sucess…If you still feel like you should…gp back and read the start of this blog. But let’s just say that some of you still put all your hopes into Kimmer and her site. What happens if it goes under or even worse what if Kimmer goes to jail….or as before she just abandons you all again. One thing about Heidi ..she plans everything. For example the last time she left….Plans Plans Plans….


—– Original Message —–
From: Kimmer
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007 8:03 PM
Subject: PMs, Kimmer Died, Forums, Breast Cancer

About PMs coming back up — PMs are also passing along anti-Kimmer info I’ll bet. We can have a tech guy review them but to me that’s creepy like reading someone’s diary. Then again so is cyber-stalking. What do you guys think? Unmonitored/Monitored PMs? I think we need to wtach certain member PM’s.

OK Kimmer is dead. She couldn’t take the heat, LOL. I don’t want there to be too many forums especially with having to check for suicide bombers. I’ll check with tech guys for “Kimkins University” which will have some basic Q & A on the front page. Let’s lock “Ask Kimmer”.

Jessicaboston is our latest fatality and posted she was also “manipulated” by Kimmer. That’s too bad, she was nice … for awhile. Oh well. Ha

If you can come up with some plan for forum coverage to check for “fake” nice posts hidden as anti-Kimmer messages that would be great. Amy B seems to be the queen of fake nice.

We need something to take the heat off. Here’s links for Susan Komen & Avon Walk. We will plan for next year. We’ll need to choose a location which is would be easier for other members who want to participate. Unfortunately our most popular state is Texas — home of Becky, Christin, Regandy, Cutie … We have time to figure that out. We want to be a sponsor, but we’ll be walking a fine line between bashing & getting publicity. We’ll talk about that later, too. Wherever you guys need to go for the walks, Kimkins will send you & a guest overnight. 🙂 And Kimmerwear shirts of course!


She bailed once..she will again. Then what? Let’s learn to figure out a way to do this….none of us have to be alone. There are so many sites for weight loss support….find one..reach out..and enjoy the calm. And of course I am just a e-mail away.


6 Responses to “Hindsight Follow up”

  1. mayberryfan Says:

    Only Heidi would see you as “fake nice”. In some ways, that cracks me up! That woman thinks she’s NEVER wrong about anything. I once called Heidi a “landshark” but I was being too (fake) nice. She’s the devil.

  2. amyb1569 Says:

    Oh mayberryfan….
    Heidi was sure I was fake nice. That was the basis of one of our not so nice you are banned Dec 2007 e-mails. She wanted me to stop being fake nice to everyone. Okay…ehere is a alert…I am not fake nice…I am Amy B…nice or not..I am what you see. Ha.
    Maybe Heidi just really does not know is real and not real. When you pretend to be so many different people…it is easy to get confused.

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  4. awakened1 Says:

    Like Kimmer actually thought it was creepy to read PM’s?????????? Please!!!!! I know she was reading mine… because she deleted some of them before they ever got to their intended recipient!!!!

  5. […] amyb1569 added an interesting post today on Hindsight Follow upHere’s a small readingOne last thing…if you are going to depend on someone for your weight loss and sucess…If you still feel like you should…gp back and read the start of this blog. But let’s just say that some of you still put all your hopes into Kimmer and … […]

  6. 2big4mysize Says:

    Thanks for sharing. The look into Kimmer from the inside is just confirming what those on the outside have been saying all along.

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