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Bully Uses The Ban Button Yet Again March 5, 2008

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Bully (verb) – To force one’s way aggressively or by intimidation.

Bully (noun) – A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.

Bully (noun) – a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people. AKA…..Kimmer..Heidi Diaz.

Have you ever had a thought like…How in the world can they say this or that? How can they feel that it is okay to go that low? Does this person have any type of morals. But then again you remind yourself who you are dealing with . Yes I am referring to Kimmer, Heidi Diaz.

When I think Heidi can go no lower then she already has…something happens and I stand with my mouth open in shock. I have known for some time now that Heidi is a person who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. I think she has proved that over and over.

I have decided to NOT use the person’s name that sent me the e-mail. I also have decided to reach out to her and show her that she is not alone. This person made me mad..and hurt me. But tonight she is hurting and feeling alone. I did not post this to hurt her. I posted this to show others what the real Heidi is all about. This other person did what was right in the end..she stood up to Heidi. Now she paid the price. She told me tonight that she was so stressed out about this that she wanted to crawl back to Heidi. I told her no…and that we would support her. So who is willing to reach out to help make her feel support and cared about? She needs it .

Kimmer has been using the ban button again. I know this is not Blog Breaking news. But since she has once again used me as her Target. I am taking some computer time to blog about this. This will be out in the open for anyone who has any doubts about who and what Kimmer is…and also a reminder for me on those days I may find myself missing the Kimpound.

I have known for a while that Kimmer is not playing fair with her issues concerning me. It is okay to say and do what you want to me, a grown up. But to bring my son into it …that is a all time low.

I received a e-mail this past Sunday Night that shocked me. I guess I got very upset because it was sent hours before I had to leave to take Philip to the hospital. And because the e-mail seemed very rude and hurtful to me. I will share that I forwarded this e-mail to someone who knows this person and also me. The first thing she said was….wow this does not sound like her. Where is this coming from. The e-mail was just poor timing and in my opinion rude. I did spend some time on the phone with this person and there were some Oh wow moments and during this phone call it became obvious that there was some Kimmer involvement going on. In fact as we were talking Kimmer was PM’ing. For every question this person had…I had a answer. One thing I can say is…..I may not be as mean and sneaky as Kimmer…but I have very little to hide. It is a nice feeling. I am what I am and who I am. Not everyone in this fight can say this.


Original Message —–
From: “xxxxxxx
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2008 6:03 PM
Subject: I have a few questions for you….

> I know that your son is having surgery tomorrow and he is in my prayers.
> Knowing that, I do not expect a reply in the next day or two. Take your
> time.
> I will start by saying that I am upset with you. I am also disappointed
> in you. I thought you were above all this. If you hadn’t been banned
> you would not be doing this. You are striking back in anger at someone
> whom you feel has wronged you. But has she? Has she wronged you
> really? You were banned, yes. But you never even paid for your
> membership. I don’t think you have any right to be upset about it.
> Do you honestly think you were banned for asking about Flat Iron steak?
> Come on now. Many of us have posted about them. The recipe came from
> one of her admins. Let’s get real here. You poked and poked at her and
> that is what got you banned. You lost weight and had a following, that
> is what got you banned, I already told you that she didn’t like that.
> She may have told you to not post negative stuff about Kimkins, her or
> what you were going through but she has/had every right to do that. You
> would not want someone on YOUR site going around bad mouthing you or
> your business would you. I have also been told to keep my personal
> feelings about her out of the forums. I have no problem with that. The
> forums are not where my issues with her need to be aired. Just as this
> doesn’t need to be aired at Camp or where campers can see.
> I have to ask you, because I am really upset over this: You said, and
> showed, emails between you and Bonnie, the MCD lady where you were
> asking for a free membership. This, you did not hide. The fact that
> you used the excuse of medical bills and your son’s illness to get it
> has floored me. Is that how you got your membership to Kimkins too? If
> you can afford to have bags and bags of clothes on the floors of your
> home that you have bought and never even tried on, how can you say you
> can not afford to join a website?
> I am trying to understand what you are going through. I really am but
> what I see is something entirely different than what you are seeing. I
> won’t even go as far as to say that what I see is different from what
> others are seeing too. Some of the ducks have seen the same things I
> have but won’t say anything because they are not done with you yet. You
> have not given them enough yet.
> I am not here to judge you Amy. That is not why I am sending you this
> message. I truly am trying to understand just what has you so upset
> over this and thinking you have done nothing wrong or nothing to deserve
> any of this.




As This person and I talked on the phone..many things became clear. I explained that I did pay half to Kimmer. I sent her a cash payment and told her I would send the reminding half in 2 weeks. I e-mailed Kimmer and told her I would send the remaining half when I got back to town. Kimmer brought up Philip being sick and offered the membership for free. Which I thought was really nice . She did not need to offer that to me..but she did . And I swear I think that was the worse mistake in some ways. I know I have said this but let me say it one more time. I did NOT ask Kimmer for a free membership. She offered. End of story. I also offered to pay a full membership back after my 12/ 07 banning. For some odd well planned out reason she would not accept money from me.

I did say I asked to SEE the MCD site before I paid the $69.95. I told her I had medical bills with my son and just wanted to see what diet was about and if I could use it to help me get to goal. A simple menu sample would of been nice. But Bonnie offered the membership and I took it. Did I use it NO But YES I took it. Does that make me some awful person…I hope not. But I do admit to what I did. I wanted to lurk around and I contacted her. I still am not sure what the Bonnie issues are…but there is something there.

Bags of clothes…as if I need to answer anyone about anything. But after talking to this person on the phone..I realized that the clothes issue was just crazy. There was a thread about clothes shopping. I made the simple comment that my friend try on her clothes at the store and I come home with bags of clothes to try on for one shirt. Once again…this was just a dig at me that I found rude. Words used against me…and taken out of context.

The stuff about attacking Kimmer and talking bad on her site. That is just crazy. I never said a word negative about her, her site, on her site or any other site. Kimmer did not have a valid excuse to ban me this time or last time. But you know what…it is her site and she can do what she wants.

But I am a mom who is very protective of her child. That may come as a shock to someone like Heidi. I know there are different types of mothers. The one who protects and the one who uses and takes advantage . I feel sorry for the child of a the second type of mother.

Back on the end of this conversation it was clear that Kimmer was very involved in some of the thoughts of this e-mail. It was also clear that this person had reached a decision. She believed me and she knew Heidi was lying. It was a eye opening phone call. I told this person to take some time and figure out what she needed to do. I also told her I wanted the PM’s. Ha.

The decision was made for her before that night was over with. A simple PM she wrote to Kimmer saying she had believed me and she also knew it was wrong to bring my son into all this….and then what do ya think happened. BANNED. The very person Kimmer was urging to do her dirty work, feeding her lies …banned her . How typical.

The reason I wanted to bring the actual e-mail into the blog is to show a pattern. This person was banned back in Sept 2007. This person went to Kimmer and said to her..I will do whatever you want if you let me back in. Wow those words ring a bell…huh? Now she is banned again. And even after she knows all she knows …she wants back in. What is it about Kimmer? One thing I know ..This person and myself are NOT the only ones Kimmer does this to. She is sneaky and lies and uses. She used her own son to benefit herself. If she would do that…what would she NOT do?

Now Heidi…I want to explain something to you. I may not have paid for a full membership. You were smart enough to not allow me to pay for one in Dec 2007. But there are things and issues that I know and am dealing with that can still come into play. I know you are cocky and never worry about anything. Maybe you need to worry.

If you keep talking about my son and or my relationship with my son…I promise you. I will find a lawyer to see what legal rights I could have. Funny…you had it all planned out that I was in the law suit ..etc. Never once had I even talked or thought about it…Until Now. Heck maybe Philip can sue you for slander. You never know. In fact Kimmer…you must not be able to relax at all. You go to the store, they get pics, you buy a house they know, you go to court they know….why not just stop . Stop talking about my son .

Here are some examples.. Kimmer at her best.





Hey girl, Amy did give the “sick child” line to get a free membership at Kimkins. She has posted that some members think she is “needy” with her requests for attention and/or gifts. She told me if she “cannot get support at Kimkins”, she has no alternative but to post a blog. This is curious since she is at goal and posts at several different low carb websites. How much “support” does she need?

AmyB needs to do what she needs to do. I’m amazed she spends so much time and energy on any websites including Kimkins considering she has other children, a sick husband and a perhaps terminally ill child. Dunno.



This one is too funny. A GREAT example of how she twist things around. I sent a ticket the night I got banned ( before I was told I was banned) . The ticket said….Need info for Vegas trip, please send me new log in. Friends and I would like info to come. And yes Heidi I have a copy of the ticket. It was a pitiful panicked attempt to get a log in info since I was not sure I was banned.

Original Message —–

From: AmyB
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2008 7:42 PM
Subject: Trip
I have three of us who plan to meet 4 others in Vegas. Do you need help setting it up? Who is in charge of it?






Another good question for Amy: If you’re begging free memberships (still) how were you & 3 friends coming to the Kimins Las Vegas thing?



Kimmer, I did ask her about the membership tonight. She told me that she did not get a free membership here. She paid for 1/2 and offered to pay for the other half and you turned her down. I believe her.

I was wrong to bring up her son and won’t be discussing it anymore. I hope you can respect that. What is between the two of you is yalls business and it should stay that way.




Kimmer <> wrote:

i don’t want to be paranoid here, but …

Amyb came to Kimkins on ‘scholarship’. She was overweight. She says she has a son very sick. I have a gut feeling that he is not sick and she uses him for donations.


Kimmer <> wrote:

Amyb needs to stop complaining about her son’s health. I am over hearing about him daily. I do not even think he is sick. How do we really know ? I think she uses his “issues” to get things from her friends in group. It seems she takes more then she offers.
But she seems to have lost weight .



Are you serious. You take everything and anything and twist it. I said in a thread that I was not posting often because I felt like I did not want to be a downer and needy while dealing with my son’s issues. I had not answered certain people’s questions and it was brought to my attention that it hurt their feelings. That is why I explained my feelings. And yes you turned it around. Imagine that. And BTW ladies. Those who have stayed there…from our thread. She used OUR thread and put words in you mouth….That is just how she is. Like I said…it is a hateful place with her in charge.

And just to clarify..I have gotten some bubble bath as a gift in the past months …that sure is some kind of gifts you speak of.

I have never ever asked or taken ANY money for my son or his medical bills or anything else. In fact I had someone get very upset with me last week because they wanted to send me some money to help with a certain issue we are dealing with for Philip. We almost ended up in a fight about my feelings of not accepting anything from anyone . And no I am not going to share who or what. But it was a very kind offer and this person is good at (Not in a bad

I guess I could go on and on…but I will not. Let me get back on topic.

I know that I am not the only one nor is this other person the only one. If Heidi is using you….beat her at her own game. QUIT. Self respect is worth so much more.

As I told this other person. Be thankful she is banned. I was mad and upset with her. But there was a BIG lesson learned here and I want to share it. I told this person that I reach my hand out to her and will help her. I told her to take it and turn her back on Heidi. I hope that she takes the advice. It would be way too easy to go back and beg again to get back in. trust me I did it,. And to be honest it is hard to know who to trust . Who is there, who is not there and who does not want it known they are there.

If you do not do Kimmer’s dirty work…she will ban you. She uses you and then is done with you. Is that a way to live your life? I had a awful time finding my self respect thinking back to my desperate begs to Kimmer to let me back in. All the way up to the end.

The one thing that is different then with some. I ONLY hurt myself with going back to Kimmer. I did not ever do dirty work for her . Trust me it is not worth it.

I have protected the name of the person who wrote the e-mail and is banned. I told her I would and I am. I was so upset with her …but for me it is important that even if I was upset she can trust me with what I say.


14 Responses to “Bully Uses The Ban Button Yet Again”

  1. mayberryfan Says:

    Heidi is like a black widow spider, gets what she can, then disposes of the person who is no longer useful. That she would bring your son into all this and question his illness (hello, caringbridge!) is the lowest thing I’ve ever seen. Almost unbelieveable, but this IS Heidi Diaz we’re talking about. I sure wouldn’t want to be there when the Karma Fairy visits Kimmer. It’s going to be UGLY.

    God bless you Amy for speaking out. There is no way the Ducks are turning on you. WHY would we? That’s just Heidi’s desperate attempt at “divide and conquer” but it’s not going to work.

    Anyone who’s taken a look at Caringbridge knows all about Philip – how he has to struggle, how strong he is, and how proud you are to be his mother.

    You and Heidi are polar opposites and it is eating her alive inside!

    Kimmer, you are one sorry piece of….well you know what you are deep down, doncha?

  2. prudentiablog Says:

    Amy, this totally turns my stomach. No wonder you’ve been upset. What a despicable human being she is. Good for you for standing up to her and calling her out. You will be much stronger for it. And I do hope the person who wrote that email realizes just how awful her words sound and can clearly see what Heidi Diaz is doing to her.

  3. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amy, the reason Heidi thinks you are not telling the truth is because — a lying LIAR that lies expects everyone else to be a lying liar that lies. The same goes for a crook. They don’t trust anyone because they expect everyone else to be as crooked as they are. People like Heidi can’t understand kind, caring, beautiful (inside and out) people like you. She would love to be you. I’m sure she seethes with jealousy.

    Keep your head up and stay strong. As for you “friend,” I think that I would re-think that one.

  4. ginger55 Says:

    If my “friend” had sent me an email like that, she would no longer be my friend. I know who that person is and IMO, she is not in the same league as you Amy. She probably does think she needs Kimmer. But you know that you don’t. You don’t owe any of your real friends an explanation as to why you acted as you did. Your real friends know and understand. I, too, think that you should re-think the “friend” thing.

  5. mrsmenopausal Says:

    I’m appalled by all that I have just read. Her continued attempts to manipulate everyone is not surprising but to bring your son and the validity of his illness into it is absolutely disgusting! She’s doing her best to turn people away from you. She’s desperate and she knows that the truth about her and her actions will be her undoing with those that continue to support her. So, she’s trying to cast doubt, make them believe that they’ve been conned by you, give them reason or an excuse to continue on, to back her, and to turn their backs on you. But she’s overplaying her hand. I imagine that her words and actions concerning you and your son have turned the stomach of many a mother. It certainly has turned mine. Someone that can use the illness of a child to manipulate and malign is someone who will stoop to any level. How anyone can take anything she says as truth after all her proven (and admitted!) lies, fraud, and actions concerning you, is beyond me. Bully is too kind of a word. Much too kind.

    My blog: Weighing The Facts

  6. 1slickchick Says:

    Well said Amy. Yet, another piece of the puzzle. I know this is a healing process for you and you hope it will help others (those banned, former – KK people, and current KK people)… If this doesn’t open their eyes – I wonder what will.

    You are stronger than any of us realized. You have a kind heart and soul too.

  7. barbarab2 Says:

    Amy, it’s no wonder you have been so upset. Heidi’s despicable remarks regarding your son can only come from the mouth of an evil person. It’s truly remarkable how she can still manipulate others – your friend – to do her dirty work and BELIEVE anything she says, considering the fact that she has lied and lied and lied. If I was your “friend” I would be red with shame over writing that email. Sorry, but you don’t do that to a friend.

  8. kimkinslawsuit Says:

    Thanks for posting this Amy. I never really got to know Kimmer and for that small thing, I am grateful. Your post just solidifies my resolve that I am doing the right thing. Join the lawsuit! – Jeanessa

  9. awakened1 Says:

    I’m so sorry that she is using your son and your family’s situation against you. That is just so sickening. I don’t know how she does it.. but it seems like she is able to find that “sore spot” in our hearts and just pour acid over it again and again. This is a major warning and wake call to anyone who is even considering using that “access to the founder” of kimkins. If people knew how evil and sinister she was… it scares me that we only see the tip of the iceberg with stories like this.

    Back in August?? Christin and I envisioned Heidi like Bilbo Baggins in the Lord Of the Rings Movie.. remember when he sees the ring around Frodo’s neck and all the sudden turns into this super scary demented desperate looking person? That’s Heidi… she can turn in an instant from your “friend” into something worthy of nightmares for the rest of your life.

    Amy… I just want you to know that those of us who have caught that glimpse of Heidi like I described above know without a doubt that you are a special woman who deserves protection and love and support. I wouldn’t think for a minute that you would EVER use your son’s illness to gain something. We’ve had that discussion before… and even after seeing Heidi’s disgusting words I just want you to know that I still KNOW in my heart that you would never ask for a handout…. and I want you to know that when people give to you out of the goodness of their hearts it doesn’t usually have stings attached!!! Heidi is the exception here… so dont’ let her behavior frighten you from recieving from others what you deserve.

    I’m so proud of you Amy….. you are a brave woman…. please don’t let her wicked games hurt you any more


  10. ohyeahbabe Says:

    Heidi Diaz underestimates you, AmyB!

  11. katinsac Says:

    Amy, stay strong. This is a prime example of how Heidi operates. discusting! The Ducks are not using you. We want everyone in the Kimpound to know we are here for them…a lot of us have been there and know how evil Heidi is and we just want to let everyone know we can help you heal. Maybe, now, you should join the lawsuit. Wouldn’t that make Heidi happy? lol You are a strong woman and we are all praying for you, your family and Phillip.

  12. kimkinscam Says:

    Remember my email to you, a few days ago? I told you Heidi would play these games. I knew she would contact your “friends” and fill their ears with nonsense. She’s evil. She’s cruel. And you don’t deserve to give her another thought. You don’t deserve to carry around the burden of Heidi’s manipulations. She will stoop to ANY level to get what she wants. She tries to find the weakness in others so she can attack and make it count. Don’t let her win by giving her or her nastiness another thought. You are a wonderful mom. She knows she could never compare to you – that’s why she is lashing out. Keep your head up and stay strong. We’re here to help you, if you need it.

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  14. […] doesn’t seen to be working. Several kimkineetes have left either because they refused to do Kimmers bidding and were banned or they finally realized Kimmer was just the human behind the curtain and not some all powerful […]

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