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Things That Make You Go Hummmmm? March 4, 2008

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I am just curious how I was banned 2/24/08 and yet somehow I was there on 2008-03-02 14:42:14. Seems someone has the ability to log in from the inside. Who could do that? Who would want to? And better yet…Why would they want to?

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A few thoughts come to mind. Why would Kimmer want to log in to show I was there? Two things come to mind. There may be more later but it was a long night and I need a diet coke before I really start to think.
The first..Maybe Kimmer wants to pretend to be Amy B. She adores me, she told me in open post and in PM’s. I do not think it will work for her. I really do show too many pictures and I can not photo-shop either. I even have to have help making my siggy pics in one link. Heidi, you hate to show any pictures of you. And you seem to have no problems with how to make pictures look a certain way.
Someone on the inside wanted people to think I have been there. Maybe the inside person wanted to confuse the issues and make others not trust me.
The last few days I have been not so sure how to or when to or why to post things in my blog. But today I feel really mad at you Heidi. And I bet deep down you know why. In a few day everyone will know. I may not have some OH Wow legal info about you….but I have enough tid bits here and there that show just what type of person you really are. Your actions the past few days seem to show you are desperate. When we are desperate …mistakes are made. You have made some mistakes Heidi.
So if anyone things this blog is digging towards Heidi. Yes it is. That is how I feel today. Maybe tomorrow I will be feeling different. But the last 48 hrs I have dealt with some issue that are things Heidi was too weak to deal with on her own. She has people do her dirty work and that is sad. Even more sad is when that did not work, you dispose of them. I think that makes you a USER and a LIAR. But in turn I have kept my mouth shut…..for today. The time is coming. Your timing of the attack was well noted also. I sometimes have to remind myself not to be shocked by you and what you stand for. As a mom I would of thought children were not on your list. Then again You are Kimmer .
So yes today I am mad and maybe rude but real. I am REAL with my feelings today as always.
I am off to take care of Philip’s wound care. Gosh it feels good as a mom to take care of him and protect him , like a mom should do.

3 Responses to “Things That Make You Go Hummmmm?”

  1. 2big4mysize Says:

    take your time and do things in your own time. Blogs are for expressing what you are feeling or concerned about about and want to share with others.

    One thing about the being logged in on the kimpound. If you didn’t clear the cookie from your cookies then it will be recognized every time you are viewing the picks on the front page as being there cause in the NEW “banned Camp not fraud took away the life time membership i sold them bannings” you should have access to all but the forums as many other banned camp folk do some are special catagory and have access to nothing but the front page and then there are the really banned whio can’t see the front page even

    Take care of you and your family. Hope you are eating on plan so this doesn’t give kimmer any power over your eating while you are stressed and emotional. you have the power to feed your body what it needs right now please do so.

  2. mayberryfan Says:

    Yes it seems all that Kimmer has going for her is her ability to use, manipulate and LIE. But, she is not nearly as smart as she thinks. You are SO right when you say she has made mistakes in the last few days, particularly where you are concerned. Character counts and she has none. I feel certain what she has done in the past few days will be of GREAT interest to the court. Keep your head up and stay strong! You are doing great!

  3. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amy, We are lucky that you want to share what has happened in the last few days. Talk about someone kicking you while you are down. Heidi knows where to look for the weak spots, but she picked on the wrong person this time. I don’t know of anyone stronger than you. Hang in there.

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