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Some answers. February 28, 2008

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Let’s go back to the orginal question of today. Posted by Prudentia.

One thing I really struggle to understand is why people, knowing all that has been revealed about Heidi Diaz, would continue to support her and/or belong to her website. And you, in particular, Amy, as I’ve seen how rudely she treats you on her fora. Why have you continued to endure her treatment of you?
Great question. And as much as I would love a nice simple answer to this. But there is not one. So here goes the story. And no I am not proud of it.
Back before the WW article came out I had no idea who or what Kimkins was. How things have changed. I had been a Atkins girl and stuck to two Atkins boards. So rarely did I even go out to search the web. I happen to be looking for a recipie one day and the search took me to LCF. I took a minute to look around and saw a Thin lady name Cheryl posted on there and she looked wonderful. So I read a post where she said something about ” so and so ” seems to be following Kimmmer or Kimkins. Well of course I had to know what this Kimkins was. And that is how it all began. I searched Kimkins and there was a whole Kimkins world I had no idea about. How in the world had I missed knowing about this plan. Funny…I never ever thought I would be where I am now…I will never forget the Kimkins now. After searching the Kimkins info I pushed a link and sent a message to the owner. Kimmer. Which I now call Heidi amoung other names. So I wrote to her and told her I was frustarted with Atkins and needed to lose some weight. I also told her I was curious if she would let me divide the payment up. I told her I could send the first payment when I got home from Philip being in the hopsital and then 2 weeks later the second payment. Let me say…that may sound crazy to some. But with 15 brain operations, stroke, ortho and on and on. Me even thinking fo spending money on yet a diet plan…I had to work it out in a plan. So a day or so later…I got a nice e-mail telling me that Kimkins wanted to offer me a free membership to her site. The only thing asked was…please to not tell anyone . I was thrilled. So I logged in and that is how it all started.
So question answered..Yes I had a free membership to Kimkins. Why did she do it? I have no idea. Maybe deep down she has a soft spot. OR maybe more easier to belive…Kimmer needed to feel control over someone. And I made it easy for her most days.
So I joined and all was good. I was a follower. I latched on to some people and stayed in threads with them. The main one was Amy from eating low. She was in the egg thread and I read everything in there. Some days others that were main people there would come in and post. For those who do not know. The Egg White Thread was a very busy and fun thread. I decided I would do EWC and would get ready. I can not count how many times I went to the store to but egg whites ..tons of them. I never ever could eat them. Yuck. But I read and I stayed. I was so excited when the WW post was made. It was exciting . Things seemed perfect for a while and then…..
All Hell Broke lose.
I happen to be away from group for a few weeks. Philip had a brain operation in March 2007 and then a awful brain infection with three back to back operations April 2007. I do not know the excate dates. But during that time period the orginal site went down and so did my orginal journal. While Philip was in the hopsital I tried to explain to Amy AKA Curly that I would jst eat one reag meal a day and that would help me not gain weight while there. No matter how many times she suggested better ideas..I stuck to my plan. And I got 25 pounds stuck back . Darn her being so smart. Ha. So when I was ready to get back on track. I logged back on and started a journal. On 6/16/07 I weighed 192.5. That was the start of the end I think.
I am going to skip over the diet part..and get to the Kimmer hates Amy B part. I bet no one will mind that, huh?
I got banned around Nov 2007. Why? I am not sure. In fact I never know why I seem to be on Heidi’s rador. But I am.
I have a feeling that Kimmer is like a prey. When she sees that someone is feeling weak she swoops in for the kill. I guess that would make her weak. Maybe she needs to do it when people are down to make herself feel in charge and control.
So here is the scoop…..Kimmer wrote me e-mails when I was banned. These e-mails were rude . I have to say when I go back and read them…I feel sick. I did everything but beg her to let me back in. Okay..I even think I begged. There I said it. It is plain crazy how she handled the 2007 banning. The basis of me being allowed in were as followed. I was not allowed to talk about my hair, I was not allowed to mention anything my DR said, I was not allowed adding foods back in..even though I was close to goal and it was time to add back in, I was not allowed to go to lunch with Jimmy Moore OR mention his name OR go to his site. She seem to really have a sore spot for Jimmy Moore. I was not allowed anymore fake niceness. Me???? Fake nice..How could she think that?
Then the most amazing part of this. After taunting me with not re setting my password for days…and answering my e-mails. She sends me a e-mail and says..Oh no …Amy were you banned. I had no idea. I must of hit a button. You know I am so computer NON savy. Yea..sure you are. NOT. Did Kimmer forget I had my e-mail with my list? Did she forget that she said I will let you back in based on this and that. Oh and the most famous line. I gave you a membership…use it the way I say. Ouch.
Original Message —–

From Kimmer
To answer your question, you are banned.
I am done dealing with the issues on the group. I will let you back in group but you will follow what I say.
No more talk about your hair. You have hair so stop talking about it. IT can not be falling out that much.
I do not want any talk about your Dr telling you to add foods back in. That will just make you gain weight . NO talk of vitamins .No medical issues at all.
You do not mention Jimmy Moore on my site. You need to reconsider a lunch meeting. I am very upset that you would consider this after the UTube video he made making fun of Kimkins. Just do not meet him.
Enough of the fake niceness. No one can be that nice. You pop in and out with fake nice post. Stop it. It seems you do this to make me mad.
I gave you a membership, use it wisely. Or Else.

From Kimmer
Oh I did not know you were banned. How did that happen? I thought you left on your own. I noticed your pictures were gone and I missed seeing them.
I could of hit the wrong button, I am not computer savvy.
I will fix your account now.
This is how it all got started.Her control over me. I am still shocked I would allow anyone to ever tell me who I can have lunch with. And the comments about me being fake nice. She deserves a Oscar for that. I look back at that and feel like I am pathetic. What kind of fool was I? She had me where she wanted me. And I went there on my own.

I so thought I needed her. Needed her group . I just let het treat me anyway she wanted and came back. I need some more time to figure out why. I will continue with this topic over next few days.
Please know it is not easy to post these messages. I feel pretty pathetic going back in 2007 after re reading the Can Not Do List.
These types of messages and PM are filled with rants and raves and talk of Brittney Spears Cousin. So watch for those as the days go on.
Tomorrow I will address a qestion from yust yucky… could be good So check back.

11 Responses to “Some answers.”

  1. 1slickchick Says:

    WOW — in retrospect we all believe things we have done in the past are pathetic. But they are not — they just are — it is as it is…

    Tough stuff to read, tougher for you to type. You are a very strong woman and you have confronted your devil and it is making you stronger. Please feel God’s warm and loving arms around you…. Remember to continue at your own pace, do not continue because others are pressuring you, but because you are ready for the next installment…

  2. kimkinscam Says:

    My heart goes out to you! And NO! I don’t think you are pathetic. You wanted to loose weight – you did – and you credited KK for it. Nothing pathetic with that. You just put your trust in someone who’s NOT WORTHY!!! The free membership made you feel obligated – that’s what she wanted. Kimmer knows what she’s doing. She has an agenda. And it’s never for the good of anyone other than herself. I only wish others could see that. You are making it known with your story. THANK YOU!!! for letting others see what you endured. It WILL make a difference – I’m sure of it.
    Hugs to you!

  3. mrsmenopausal Says:

    I know it couldn’t have been easy to write this post. Please know that it’s not you who is pathetic, it’s Heidi who is. She uses whatever situation someone is dealing with against them. She knows the best time and way to strike in order to manipulate. She knew exactly what she was doing when she banned you. The two emails to you are an example of that manipulation. Heidi’s concern is for Heidi. Whatever she does, however she acts you can bet that it’s all done for her own benefit. So don’t feel pathetic. You were conned, as many of us were. You’re not alone.

  4. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amyb – You are so admired for your courage and strength. It is amazing what you have been through and still emerged as this beautiful, talented woman. That is all to your credit, not to Heidi’s. Do not ever think that you are pathetic — Heidi is the one who is pathetic.

  5. […] there ever was any doubt as to what Heidi is made of – all you need to do is go read Amyb’s blog.  It is a real eye opener!  You can see exactly what kind of evil monster Heidi (Kimmer) […]

  6. honeybeesblog Says:

    AmyB- The problem in character lies with Heidi Diaz, not with you. We all have had moments that was are not proud of, but growing and learning from them is what forms a stronger, wiser person.
    Heidi looks for a person’s weakness. She will circle around the person looking for that spot. Then when she finds it she will try to land a punch. That is how she wins, that is how all those who prey on people win.
    But you are now recognizing where your weaknesses lie and that takes strength. You will also help others recognize their own and see Heidi for the person she truly is and not the fake persona she presents.

    Her ignoring side-effects is obvious in her email to you. She not only ignores the risks of this WOE, but is forcing you to hide them, so as to not cause issues in HER forum. I think this bit would prove very beneficial to John Tiedt if you would like to forward him a copy.

    Take the time to heal-

  7. 2big4mysize Says:

    thank you for sharing. It could not have been easy for you to revisit that time period nor to see how you were manipulated by her nor how venerable you were to willingly allow it.

  8. mayberryfan Says:


    Please don’t allow Heidi to make you feel foolish. She counts on making people question themselves as a way of controlling them. She is a monster, plain and simple. I’m so glad you are out of there, but not in the way it happened.

    I so admire your strength and your willingness to share this with everyone.

  9. […] Posted on February 28, 2008 by BamaGal In reading the post by AmyB and the emails from Heidi, I see cult tactics at their best. The evidence keeps mounting proving to others what has been a […]

  10. avenuegirl Says:

    Thank you for sharing the “special attention” you got from Kimmer. Members need to see the real side of the person they are supporting. So many think this stuff is made up, but you are so honest, reputable, and really tried to hang in there. If this doesn’t get through to some of them, I just don’t know what will.

    Your sharing is greatly appreciated. You are not pathetic, you are brave for coming forward. Please continue your blog. It is a great way to walk yourself through the healing process while helping others.

  11. […] afraid Kimmer would ban you from for asking about the health issues of the diet since Kimmer told AmyB not to post about any of her health issues again as a condition of becoming unbanned back in Dec of […]

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